Support Your Local Tattoo Shop

The most frequent question I get on my blog is "Where do you get your tattoos done?" And while my specific and literal answer is, "lots of places, really", I do have a place that my tattoos call home. 

White Lotus Tattoo in Laguna Hills, CA. 

I definitely plan on doing a post explaining all of my tattoos in depth and what they stand for but I felt it was appropriate and well deserved that I give a shoutout to the place that has taken care of me for the past few years. One person in particular, Max Klapp. (@maxradness for all you instagram lurkers)

Max has tackled every idea I've thrown at him with flying colors. Literally. His use of color is ACES. Everyone that works at that shop has treated me so well and like family, sometimes I would go in there and bring lunch and just hangout. It's that type of place. I love it. 

I've been getting tattooed by him for about 3 years now. He's done... 7 pieces on me, including my sternum piece which is my favorite. Can't get enough of those bold traditional tattoos, man.

My boyfriend, Spencer (who will be a guest blogger frequently on here) is also an amazing photographer/videographer. What a team we are. I could never make videos as pretty as he does. But, this last week I got a tattoo from Max and he came along with all of his camera jazz. Did a little video, (I'm sorry his tattoo machine literally sounds like the wrath of Thor if that was a sound) but if you listen carefully you'll learn something. ;) It's a fun video and I'm really glad he made it. I hope you enjoy it.

If you're a local reader I highly suggest you book with Max PRONTO as he plans on moving up to Washington state in April 2015. (biggest sad face f**king ever) But I mean, if you live in the Washington area, look up Max and book him! He's a gem, so take good care of him and his pretty lady. I will miss them so.

P.S. Spencer felt it completely necessary to shove a camera in my face when Max was drilling my elbow and snapped a photo every time I made a face or did a thing. For your viewing pleasure, I call this politely... "f**k off, I'm in pain mother f**ker" 

Go support your local tattoo shops!

All photos & video taken by Baldwin Media Photography

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