Lesson 1: How To Be A Bad Ass

I'm gonna do you a solid... here's your one-way ticket to become a bad ass, Said The King. 

I stumbled across this company a few months ago via Etsy and fell in love. Anything that's sassy and semi-offensive, sign me up! I originally thought they were separate pillowcases "Love Me" and "Fuck You" and was tempted to buy one of them. Reading a little further... Oh my god, they are reversible. I can have my cake and eat it too!

Joyous little me I purchased a set. I know it may seem a little steep in price, but I can assure you it's definitely a quality thing. Plus, I will forever choose small businesses over corporations for the rest of my life. Proud supporter. My bedroom would nowhere near be as cool and anti-welcoming without these puppies. ;)

As a girl, my mood constantly changes and oddly enough this seems to be a great way to release some steam. Power-cleaning my room and throwing on the "F*ck You" set like BOOM. WHAT NOW?!

And get at this, there are two more styles....

"Get Up" & "Make Out" or... "Get Out" & "Make Up", I can't even. Is this real life?

I kid you not, I was looking for the perfect piece to tie together my room, I literally google'd "Sarcastic pillowcases", "Sassy Pillowcases", "Mean Pillowcases" etc etc you name it. I'm so weird. I couldn't find anything! Nothing good at least, more like cheap screen printed junk that was probably stiff as a board. Etsy is usually my savior when it comes to home goods. Like I said before, small business supporter right here, that's the place to go! That's where I found my answer.

Some of my Instagram favorites, thee world's easiest and cutest prop for photos:

I stand firm in my love for Said The King... there's no changing that. 

Another set of pillowcases... sort of a fun spin on a Jailhouse Pillow fight for those times when words just don't seem to be enough and you gotta start throwin' fists.. The epitome of badass-ery. 

They also have tons of other amazing yet sassy products that I need to get in on STAT.

To complete your bedroom, living room, kitchen, entire life... please do the following steps: 

  • Go to www.saidtheking.com
  • Purchase a pillowcase set, coaster set, plate set, etc etc. 
  • Live happily ever after.

See, you can't complain. It's a win/win situation. God knows I'm winning right now. ;) 

Happy Friday & Happy Holidays!

All Photos By Baldwin Media Photography/SaidTheKing