Blogger's First Birthday!

It's officially 1 year since my very first blog post on this site and holy crap, I never expected any of this. Last October I just simply felt like expressing my thoughts and silly little craft projects with whoever was willing to listen and here I am... blown away by everyone's support and love. *runs and gives you all a hug*

I know it's typical to receive gifts on your birthday but I'm feeling like I'd rather give you guys goodies instead...

As much as I'd love to sit here and reflect and/or blabber on and on about what has happened in the last 365 days, the things I've learned, etc etc. I'm afraid my mind is too jazzed on the future that I cannot contain myself. There are so many amazing things in the works right now that I can no longer keep you in the dark.

So here's my present to you, my followers, my lovelies...

If you follow me on Instagram or Tumblr you'll know that I've been recently making random t-shirts and crafts on the fly. Such as these two: 

"Face Shit" Cosmetic Bag

"Face Shit" Cosmetic Bag

"But It's For Me" Tee

"But It's For Me" Tee

Combining the brilliance of my other half Spencer + my wacky ideas, we're creating these two products and selling them here on this site SOON! 

Plus OTHER rad goodies.

The second I posted these I immediately got flooded with requests to sell. I had so much fun making them that I can't say no.. plus, look how cute your faces are.. I can't say no to you guys. C'monnnnn.

I'm so stoked for what the future holds on this little web-home of mine and I can't wait to see my creations on your bodies and in your homes. That sounded way less creepy in my head.

So if you don't already, follow me on Instagram or Tumblr if you want to stay in the loop for when I'll be announcing their arrival. Ahhh! This is the best birthday present EVER. I get messages saying I've inspired people but the truth is, you guys truly inspire ME. Thank you for your constant support and flash floods of love that come my way, you all do not go unnoticed and I appreciate all of you.

All my love,

The birthday girl.