DIY Unif FF's

You all know how I feel about passive aggressive tee's, flannels, jackets and literally everything. I love them to pieces. Probably too much. So when I came across these UNIF FF's... let me give you a visual. see below.

Yeah, these babies. 

Instant heart eyes. 

Until I saw the price... $110 (on sale!) 

Ain't nobody have cash like that to throw down on a pair of sneakers. I know I don't. I was super bummed out. 

That's when I thought to myself, that's simple enough I think I could totally recreate that but obviously with different wording. being cautious. 

So this afternoon, I went out on a small mission.

  • All black vans, $40.00 
  • White acrylic paint, $1.75
  • Individual letter ink stamps, $9.99

Let's do this. 

A little magic and probably 10 minutes of my time, and you have the final product:

I cannot tell you how much I loved doing this. I might be a little addicted and make more... but for now, these will most definitely do. And you know you'd much rather spend $51.75 instead of $110.00 >> Let's be honest here.

I'm just so in love and I hope this sparks your creative DIY spirit. As much as I do love most of what UNIF puts out, this was something I had to take into my own hands. Literally. Or feet. You know what I mean. 

Mwahaha, I did a thing.