Vanity Planet and How It Can Save Your Life

I came across Vanity Planet from a fellow blogger when I was in need of some skin help a few months ago. She was using this Spin Brush and it was adorable looking... I looked it up and was immediately intrigued. It had raving reviews and was more than half the price of those expensive brushes you find at Sephora and Ulta. 

I, must, have it. 

So I bought it, no it was not sent to me, I bought it. And I quickly fell in love with it.

It came with 4 different spin heads. A regular facial brush, an exfoliating brush, a body brush and a pumice stone. 

Let's see you do all that for this price, Clarisonic... pfft. 

Instantly after using this my face felt cleaner and way more refreshed. It's also the greatest way to wake up in the morning. 

You can use this with any facial cleanser, scrub, you name it. There are no boundaries and that's how I like it. ;) 

Normally this bad boy is $99 but..

Use this promo code: SpinGS24

it makes this kit only $30 at checkout. Again, that's how I like it.... You're welcome.


I'm gonna keep this post short, simple and sweet for you. I just needed to share as I've been using this baby for about 2 months now and have seen an outrageous difference in my skin. I wanted to make sure it was legit before I shared. ;) You know me... always lookin' out for you guys. 

Please note: This blog post is not sponsored and I was not asked to write this. This is simply me enjoying a product and sharing my thoughts and feelings with you about it. Feel free to do with it what you please, but I highly recommend picking one up! :) 

Happy skin is my kinda skin. I thought you would all agree.