The Not-So Welcoming DIY

Here we are again, being crafty little fuckers. 

I've been living at my loft for over a year now and am STILL decorating it one step at a time. There's a lot of wall space believe it or not for 700sq ft so I'm doing my best! But, I've been wanting something cute for my exterior. A door mat. Something... me. 

I searched around on the internet and it seems that the trend with door mat's is either something to do with beer/wine or something to do with dogs. While, I do like beer as well as dogs, I don't care to advertise to strangers about it at my door step. Nor do I wish to drop $30 on something people will step on. So, I took matters into my own hands with another simple-as-fuck DIY project. 

You will need the following products: 

  1. A plain black/brown/whatever door mat. I purchased mine from Target for $9.99 
  2. A can of white spray paint. (or whatever color you want) You really don't need much, so I got a baby sized one. $3.75
  3. Plain white paper to print out whatever stencil you want on it. 

That's literally it, you're done.

The only tedious part about this DIY is cutting out the stencil. I had a split second thought after printing it out of "ain't nobody got time for that" but I sat on the floor and forced myself. This is probably why I picked such a simple word, haha. 

Cut out your stencil and place on the mat where you want it to go. I used masking tape for some pieces just to make sure they didn't move. Use 'em if you got 'em.

Take it outside and just simply spray paint within the stencil as best as you can. It doesn't have to be perfect, this is what makes it fun. I pulled off my stencils immediately when I thought it was covered enough and left it to dry overnight and there you have it... the most non-welcoming door mat in the cutest way. 

I hope this inspires your little anti-social heart to create something as equally non-welcoming. ;)

Haha, have a kick ass friday you guys.