"It's like a crochet potato sack and I love it" - Me

Hooray! A fashion post! Finally.. 

If you remember way back when I began this blog, I did a fashion related post about rompers. Girls with long torso's and baby makin' hips just don't work well with rompers, pantsuits, bodysuits, etc etc. I know the struggle. Well, while I have found some rompers every now and then that are cute and fit, when I get to washing them... it all goes down the drain. It's a sad sad day. It shrinks into an XS.

Well, behold.. I found the most perfect romper.. Everyone who follows me on Instagram already knows about my obsession, but I thought I'd go a little more public with it. You know, make it official. Faceb...Um, Blog official. Sure.

Photo by: Baldwin Media Photography

Photo by: Baldwin Media Photography

*choir singing* 

I stumbled upon this on my weekly rummage through Forever 21, because you all know that store is my guilty pleasure. I was obviously hesitant because it's a romper so I double and triple checked the length to make sure it would fit... and I bought a small and waited patiently. 

It arrived. I put it on. And I think I literally kept it on for 3 days. (Obviously not 72 hours straight... but you catch my drift) I had to have more. I immediately went online and bought the other two colors available. An olive green color and a light blue/periwinkle color. Random, right? 

I'm hoping they come out in other colors, but until then, I have my 3 favorite staple pieces and I'm summer ready. Not only are they super comfortable, but they go.. with.. everything.. and just like the title of this post says, "It's like a crochet potato sack and I love it" 

There's no hip/waist elastic and the straps are adjustable. They aren't sheer or see through so you don't have to worry about your goodies showing. A simple bralette underneath, a long necklace, some Dr. Martins and I'm good to go. 

I have washed these since I bought them. In the wash, don't dry. Air dry hanging up. It got a little tighter but in all honesty... It fit me better after I washed it, so that's a definite plus! I wasn't expecting that. :P

Best part, they were only $20 each... You can find them here. (You might wanna hurry because they will go fast and I'm not sure when they will ever come back if they leave.) 

Anywho, just wanted to share. Enjoy your Monday my lovelies. :)