Healthy Hair + Styling Tips

I've been asked a lot to write this blog and let me tell you, I'm glad to. I've gone years with fried hair, split ends and just overall dryness because I couldn't stop fucking with it. I couldn't stop going from red to blonde to brunette to purple to green to white. I wasn't stopping for nobody and I wasn't nice to my hair in the process. Naturally. But, this past year my hair took a change for the better and here's why:

  • I stopped dying it so frequently. I put my urges aside and was nice to it. Perhaps this is an adult thing I had to grow into, I'm not sure but we're gonna go with that because it makes me feel better. I went a solid 8 months without touching dye to my head and it felt great. Touching up roots is one thing and I understand some people just have to do that, but overall color, try and wait as long as possible. Let your hair breathe and be happy.
  • I stopped using 10,000 products. Slight exaggeration but whatever. I used to work for a wholesale beauty company when I was 19 and I would come home on the daily with 4-5 new hair products and I would use them, all. It's free, so I'm gonna try it. I narrowed my hair care down to 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner and 1 treatment. I use a leave-in after the shower just to untangle and that's it. I kept my hair on a routine and I felt it made it much happier. Just like your skin is happy when you do the same thing. 
  • I only wash my hair around 2-3 times a week. My hair tends to get oily pretty fast just because I find myself touching it a lot as it likes to hang out in my facial region 99.9% of the time. Your hair needs it's natural oils, don't strip it and take that away from it. (This is also key in keeping your color lasting as long as possible) Make dry shampoo your BEST FRIEND.
  • Air dry your hair instead of blow drying it as often as you can. As much as I love a good blow out with silky soft hair, an air dry every once in awhile can save a life. It does less heat damage. I'll usually do this if I'm working from home during the day and I have no afternoon plans. It's really good for it. 

When your hair needs saving and it's gasping for hydration, don't worry, I gotchoo boo. This is what I use and it works WONDERS**.

Bloke Restore + Hydrate Hair Treatment 

I use this probably once every other week, or sometimes more often if my ends need a quick pick-me-up.

How to Apply: Just put a comfortable amount in your hand and apply to DRY hair before you take a shower. Just like you would put on conditioner. Leave in for up to 30 minutes. Rinse. Proceed to take a shower like normal; shampoo, conditioner, the whole sha-bang. 

If you use my coupon code: GIRRLSCOUT it makes this bad boy only $20. 

If you're wondering how I get my loose curl/waves, I made a tutorial for you guys. So if you want to learn my process + watch me act like a weirdo, click play. :)

Happy Monday!