Fashion Blogger Assumptions

Being a "fashion blogger" people tend to assume you're all about dresses/rompers with thigh high socks, 24 necklaces at one time, as many rings as Johnny Depp, garter belts, and platforms. While that might work for some girls every day, that just isn't what I've ever been about. Sure, dressing up and feeling sexy sometimes makes me a happy little clam, but so does having your favorite jeans and tee fit perfectly out of the dryer... throw on a hat and Vans and you're feeling like a solid 10. I can do both and feel great.

Truth be told I'm most happy in the most simplest of outfits. Which then forms the frequent question, "why be a fashion blogger?" Well fuck, why not? Just because I don't enjoy jingle jangling down the street carrying tons of trinkets doesn't mean I'm not into fashion. I know girls that thrive off of that shit, and that's okay too. You should always do you!

I grew up as a little tom boy: high top Converse, camouflage pants and every single lion king t-shirt you could imagine. I had dresses but I only liked them with my cowboy boots or when I had to dress up for a holiday or family function. I danced to the beat of my own drum I guess you would say.

The last situation I want to put myself in is having to adjust my outfit 30 times in one night because I thought too hard about making a statement and just ended up looking uncomfortable the whole time. You gotta stick true to yourself. 

You don't need to go above and beyond with fashion in order to be a "fashionista"... I feel like that just happens to be the ones who blog about it these days. The big Jeffrey Campbell 6" platforms with the high waisted shorts and crop tops. It looks killer in photographs but more often than not, I feel like that's not what they wear on an every day basis. It could be for some, I have no idea, this is just my assumption.

But I personally feel like fashion blogging is about sharing relatable, affordable fashion tips, tricks and every day outfits. Things everyone can afford. It irks me when I'm on a blog and think "Ugh I love this outfit but there's no way I can afford your $300 shoes and $500 Free People dress" *shrug* That's just my perspective on the situation. 

The point I'm trying to drive home is don't feel pressured by some of today's fashion bloggers who like to go above and beyond with their style - that's the way THEY express themselves and that's great. But that doesn't mean you need to make yourself uncomfortable in order to "get on their level".

You're on YOUR level and that's fucking great too. 

Photos by: Baldwin Media Photography

Acid Wash crop top: Desert Rose Apparel

Boyfriend Jeans: Forever 21

Backwards snapback hat: Forever 21 Mens 

Custom Flannel: 1994 Brand