DIY T-Shirt Bodysuit

This has been a DIY I've been dreaming about for years.. YEARS. I somehow knew a size XXL tee would fall into my lap in the year 2016 and be perfect for such a easy dreamy craft. Literally somebody at my mom's work gave her this t-shirt and she immediately handed it over to me because she knows me so well. Fate, I tell you, fucking fate.

This project was probably the easiest one I've done so far, so prepare yourself for not that many steps. 

What you need.

  • Oversized t-shirt
  • Good pair of scissors
  • Needle and thread 
  • At least 4 sew in sew-on snaps
  • A very good friend (optional)

Step 1. Cut the sleeves off of your t-shirt, however thick or thin you want them, it's completely up to you. Obviously you can opt out of this step if big sleeves are your thing. I ain't here to judge your style, girl. 


Step 2. Put the t-shirt on and safety pin the crotch to what is most comfortable for you. Find a good friend who's willing to help you cut out the hip shape and the back, or you could simply chalk out some lines for yourself and do this solo. I personally found it easier to get these lines perfect while standing straight up and having someone else cut. The struggle of having a long torso is so real. 

ps. thank you ashley, i love you so.

Step 3. Once you have the basic front and back shape cut out, take it off and finish the job. Again, this comes down to personal preference and how Bay Watch you wanna expose those hip bones. 

Step 4. Taper in the sides to your personal body shape/comfort with some pins. You can either cut and pin or fold and pin. I chose to fold, as it's the easiest for me. Flip the t-shirt inside out and sew them shut to your liking. I honestly didn't even use a sewing machine for this, I just did it quickly by hand in less than 30 minutes. It could just be because I am extremely lazy, but it doesn't matter either way works. Do you.

Step 5. As for the crotch, don't sew this. I had a very white girl moment and sewed it shut, stood in my living room ready to try it on and looked at it like, "Yeah, I didn't really think this one through" because I had no way to put it on. Good job, Michelle. Don't do that.

Step 5 Plan B. Find some sew on snaps, that they typically use for baby onesies. You can find them anywhere, Michaels, Joanns, etc. Sew 4 on. You've got a snap crotch, baby. 

Boom. Quick and easy t-shirt bodysuit sewn perfectly to your shape. Slip on some high waisted jeans and you're good to go. Or strut around your house like a god damn boss.

Either way, I support it.