You're Allowed To Fiercely Feel.

This blog, like most of my posts, was something that just hit me and I immediately sat down and I'm going to word vomit all over you. Sit tight.

Photo credit: @ ryanlongnecker

Photo credit: @ryanlongnecker

If you follow me on social media, you'll know that Spencer is out of town for 3 weeks on tour and like most significant others do, I miss him a great deal. It wasn't even 24 hours into him being gone and we were both saying we missed each other. Daw. A couple hours after posting that on Twitter, I of course receive an anonymous negative message stating something along the lines of, "Dude he's been gone for less than a day. You're crazy pathetic. I thought you were supposed to be some bad ass bitch?

Now, you know me, I don't respond to negative messages. We've talked about this subject before on here. Not worth my time. And this blog post isn't responding to whoever that sad person is... but it got me thinking. Is that really what people think being a bad ass is? Having no feelings? Missing someone is somehow pathetic? That sounds off, maybe that's just me. I mean, over the years, I've definitely grown into myself and I'm able to stand on my own two feet and say "no" when I want to but I'm also very emotional. I personally feel like wearing your heart on your sleeve is brave as fuck. THAT makes you a "bad ass" in my dictionary at least. I will never shy away from expressing how I truly feel, no matter who thinks I'm a big baby for it. You shouldn't either. 

This isn't about women being more emotional than men. *eye roll* I know some emotional ass men. And this isn't about hormones (which are a bitch). This is about the apparent misconception that being an independent "let's fuck some shit up" person somehow means you're less of who you are because you're sad over something that might seem trivial and small to most. You don't need to apologize to anyone for feeling the way you do. I understand people go months, if not, years apart from their significant others and I'm bummed over 3 weeks. But that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to be sad about it.

My biggest fear of undergoing the experiences I have gone through was that I would come out of them a very hardhearted person. I never want the world to have such a hold on me that it makes me someone who becomes indifferent and insensitive. Being ‘soft’ takes bravery. Don’t let it be mistaken for simply being ‘weak.’
— Makenna Winner

My point to this little rant is this; It is possible to be an independent "fucking try me" bad ass and still cry when things happen. Still be sappy and love people as hard as you can. Be fiercely kind. You can be both - who are they to say you can't? 

I understand that this whole message isn't new. Hopefully you've heard it many times before and this is second nature to you but I believe it is an important subject to spread around. It is important enough for me to share it. I will forever continue to spread fearlessness and strength in everything that I do, but I believe being soft is also being fearless. Being kind is also being strong. Now go kick some ass and if you wanna be emotional about it afterwards, call me and I'll join you. xo