I'm Afraid I Just Blue Myself.

Probably one of the most impulsive hair dye decisions I've made in a long time, but, hey - no regrets. 

I've been getting a lot of questions on how I achieved this navy blue color and I figured the best way to explain my complete unprofessional way of getting there would be to write a blog, haha. Let me repeat, I am not a hair professional. I did this at home, at my own risk. 

This is what I started with. These photos were taken a few days before I dyed it. A mixture of Arctic Fox Hair Color (Sunset Orange + Cosmic Sunshine) for anyone who's wondering. It wasn't that old, maybe 2 weeks or so. I know I definitely could have faded it out a little longer before switching it up so drastically... but, you know when you're having a bad day and you just need a change? That's what fucking happened.  



Note: The answer is no, I did not bleach or pre-lighten my hair before I dove into the blue. I just slapped this color right over the orange just how it is in the photo.


Here's what I used and here's what happened:

Mixed in a bowl: 3/4 Arctic Mist Diluter, 1/4 Transylvania + a tiny dash of Purple Rain.

30 minutes.

It came out to a dark smokey blue/purple. Which was gorgeous, but I definitely was going for a navy blue feel. So, the next day:

Mixed in a bowl: 100% straight Arctic Fox Poseidon.

30 minutes.

And boom. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to. By some miracle. Again, you can now see why I'm not a hair professional, it's all about trial and error and I have no shame in admitting that, haha. But, for someone who's been dying their hair at home for 10+ years, I gotta say I'm super impressed by Arctic Fox. Not only does the color last and is vibrant, it doesn't dry out my hair, it smells great and it's super affordable. Kudos Arctic Fox fam.

Anyways, I definitely think when it fades I will just mix Arctic Mist, Transylvania and Poseidon. That's what I've learned. That's the magic formula I feel.


Click here to enjoy 10% your entire purchase from Arctic Fox Hair Color.

Use the code: GIRRLSCOUT

Everyones hair is different. This is just how the stars somehow aligned in this scenario. Please know this post was NOT sponsored by Arctic Fox Hair Color. I was not paid to write this review or anything. I hope this answers everyones questions! Please feel free to comment below if you're still curious about something. Cheers!

2 0 1 7 Favorites - So Far.

I feel like we haven't spoken in awhile on the subject of favorites. Can we all just sit down with our pocket books and shoes in a circle here and talk about girl things? There are a few products I've been using so far this year that have been game changers. I know people tend to do monthly favorites but I'm slow, I need time to develop feelings and begin a deep emotional relationship with products. Love and tenderness, love and tenderness. 

Keep in mind, I'm going to cover everything. Makeup, skincare, hair care and even clothing. Shall we? I've got 10. In no particular order.

1. Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless h20 Foundation.

I've been using this foundation all. mother fucking. year. long. I'm obsessed with it's natural finish and dewy-ness. Super hydrating, super light but also build able if needed. I'm a really big fan. Can you tell? It's basically empty.... 

I found it best to apply this foundation with my fingers rather than a brush or a sponge, I find it just sinks into the skin better. *shrug* 

I'd probably say this is light to medium coverage and great for people like me with normal/dry skin. I'm in the shade Champagne for anyone interested as well. :) 

2. Colourpop Blotted Lip + Ultra Blotted Lip.

Now, these came out a little bit ago. I added these to the list because since the second I got them, I've been wearing them pretty much every single day. And this is coming from a girl who buys lipstick but in reality, doesn't wear lipstick on a daily basis. Ever. There are times I put it on, take a photo and then make the split decision to take it off before I leave the house. Guilty. But these... I'm obsessed. The blotted lip is more like a matte lip tint/balm. Super creamy, a little transfer but not enough for me to be annoyed. Subtle colors. Super pretty! And the Ultra blotted lip is basically the liquid matte version. Super light I can't even tell it's on. Also, zero transfer. I can go on and on about how much I love this line... now excuse me while I stock up on every single shade. 

*favorite shade. Ultra blotted lip: Zuma

*favorite shade. Blotted lip: Drip

3. Get Frecked.

This is a company that I've been following for what feels like years. They were originally a kickstarter that I was extremely intrigued by. Coming from someone who's been wearing the occasional freckle by eyeliner for years now... you have a product that's easier? I'm listening. They just recently launched and you bet your ass I was up at 10am PST clicking like a mad man to score one. I did. And I have been rocking them ALMOST every single day since it arrived and this is no exaggeration. For those of you that like the occasional freckled sun-kissed look like I do, this is a must have. They blend SO much better than eyeliner, they sink into your skin and don't rub off when you put more products on top of it. I'm amazed. If you want to see what they look like ON me, click here. Also, yay for supporting small businesses! The owner of this business is a boss ass bitch and I'm so impressed with her hustle. Git it, Remi.  



4. EvoHair Salty Dog Spray (Really, EvoHair Everything)

This company has been talked about for a few months now. I've been hearing so many rumors on the interwebs that I finally had to see what the hype was about.

I bow down. I am at a loss. Fucking incredible. My hair feels fucking incredible. Let's also talk about their Sea Salt spray that doesn't make my hair dry and sticky. What kind of sorcery is this?! I gotta say... super impressed. This company may have just beat out Lush in my opinion and I know that is saying a lot. My soft and pretty hair speaks for itself.

*another favorite product: Evohair moisture mask! 



5. MuddyBody Glow Skin Perfecting Elixir. 

(Use the code: Girrlscout)

I've been using MuddyBody masks since, god, forever? We'll just go with that. Still using them on the weekly, might I add. But we're not here to talk about that. This glowy gold goddess of an elixir has been a part of my daily skincare/makeup routine since the day it arrived on my doorstep. I kid you not. I use this before I put on foundation as sort of a moisturizer/primer and it doubles as the greatest lip primer of all time. 

Now, I know there's another gold or rose/gold elixir like this by Farsali. And the answer is yes, I've tried it. I've tried both and they both are good. Not going to lie. Just different scents, both good. Now, $39... or $55. That's what it comes down to. Also, small business support trumps everything for me. I like being a part of the muddy body family. No I am not being paid to write this. #notsponsored 

6. Blueprint Botanicals Be Brilliant Face Serum.

I have been religiously using this face serum every night before bed for the past 2/3 months or so. I have seen a crazy difference in my skin and it's texture even. I wake up feeling glowy and it also smells amazing. 

It's also best to pat this into your skin instead of rubbing it in. I've learned that recently and saw a huge difference!

I've also used this as an overnight scalp treatment - works really well! This stuff is amazing. Also, YES, SMALL BUSINESSES FOR THE WIN.

*please note: looks like her site is temporarily down at the moment but it should be back soon! I had no idea until after I wrote this review. eek!

7. Duvolle "Impulse" Far-infared Flat Iron.

(Use the code: GS70)

Super impressed with this flat iron coming from someone who's used cheap ones in the past that have worked just fine, but overtime I noticed it wasn't treating my hair very well. You want something gentle  This doubles as both for me. Easiest flat iron I've ever curled with because of it's 1" rounded *tourmaline coated plates for superior straightening and hold, as well as ENIG (Extra Negative Ion Generation) technology to lock in moisture.

This was a pleasant surprise for me and it didn't break the bank! My code will give you 70% off and no I am not being paid to write this review. #notsponsored 

8. KL Polish

Most of you know who KathleenLights is. For those of you who don't, she's a super adorable youtuber. I don't follow many BUT, she's pretty damn cute. She started her own nail polish line and I was immediately hooked after one purchase. I feel like I now own every color. The brush on these is so AMAZING and SO easy to apply. I've never done my nails so fast and efficiently. Go me! I've always hated skinny brushes that take forever and you have to sit there for an hour doing one hand. *eye roll* So fast, so opaque, unique colors and stays on! IMPRESSED, KATHLEEN.

*Not sold in stores. Online only. But super fast shipping!

9. Topshop Jamie Jeans.

I've talked about jeans on here before I think -back when I discovered American Eagle "jeggings" *barf* that word. I now can officially say I've traded those pairs in for Topshop Jamie jeans. Holy beautiful ass. These are SO comfortable, SO flattering and SUCH good quality.

Now, I know what you're thinking, $70 for a pair of jeans? Or maybe I was thinking that at first, but once I caved and bought one pair.... I now own 10? 11? If you can't afford that, which makes total sense - try looking on Poshmark or Depop, I've scored a few pairs on there as well for half the price. I will treat myself to a pair every now and then when I have extra cash. Definitely worth it. These are game changers, people. The only jeans I own. 

*They sell them at Nordstroms for anyone who wants to try them on in person before they purchase online.

10. Puff.Me Volume Powder Spray

I came across this product on Instagram and patiently waited for it to come back in stock for WEEKS. I'm so glad I grabbed it! I literally LIVE for hair volume, especially during this growing out process. Anything that will make it look like I have more hair than I actually do... sign me the fuck up! 

I've tried so many root lifters and powders and it's a pain to apply and it leaves my hair feeling disgusting. This is the only one I've tried, not kidding, that works well, is SO easy to apply and doesn't leave my hair feeling gross afterwards. I've talked about this in a few videos on Instagram... and here I am again. Talking about it. Because it fucking works and that's what matters. I love it!

I hope this was useful to someone... anyone... I'm gonna hope for the best, haha. There's always so many products circulating out there that you never know what's actually good and what's just marketed well. That's why favorites posts are so important. Let me know if you guys have ANY questions I'm happy to answer them in the comments below! Have a great motherfucking week. I friggin' love you all! xo

Growing Out My Hair (& What Helps!)

Let me start off by assuring you, this isn't goodbye forever for the undercut. I constantly get questions asking what I would do when/if I ever wanted to grow out my undercut. I've tried a few times in the past, made it about a month before I couldn't take it and buzzed it again. I'm not fucking lying, it's hard. But, after I took out my tape in extensions in November (which I only had in for 2 months...) and it left my hair shorter and much much thinner, I felt the need to at least try again. Go hard and document it.

It's now February and I'm still going strong. Well, kinda strong. I figured I could sit down and write this post talking about all the things that help my hair grow but also talk about things that help my sanity during this process. I know a lot of you are in the same boat as me and I really love that. Makes me feel a lot less alone in this and I hope you feel the same.  So put the clippers down, I believe in you.

First off, I'm not here to tell you not to cut your hair. I'm not here to tell you to grow it out either. It's your choice, your hair, your life. Do what makes you happy! This is just something I sorta want to prove to myself, something I want to experience and sort of log for you guys. 

I know "tips on how to grow your hair faster" is all over the internet. I am guilty of googling it multiple times. While most of those sites are correct, I figured... why not add my blog to the list of tips. that felt really weird to say. list of tips.... 

The Beginning.

Let's begin. End of November 2016 (around Thanksgiving). Two months ago, this is what my hair looked like...

Photo by Baldwin Media

Photo by Baldwin Media

Pretty much the same as it's always been, buzzed all the way around at a guard #3 and my top was about down to my nose. Really thin and really sad. (Stupid extensions...) My poor hair.

One thing I always said to myself was that whenever I decided to grow out my sides is that I'd just part it down the middle or a little to the left and easily hide it. That has definitely wrung true because putting it up in a pony tail or a bun is freakishly laughable at this point. It's a 24/7 bed head disaster under there! Stock up on thickening products and learn how to tease your roots and you're gonna be just fine, trust me. I think finding the right in-between style during this process is so fucking key. You have to find a way to be content with every stage, even if that stage requires wearing a hat for a few weeks. Hey, fuck, we've all done it.


Quick story time. I looked into different hair growth vitamins for awhile when starting this process and I started off with something I was recommended called Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrients + I grabbed a bottle of regular Biotin tablets. *shrug* I had no idea what I was doing but I went with it. Within less than a week my chest was breaking out really badly, which is pretty unusual for me. I sat and thought... I'd rather grow hair at a snails pace than deal with this shit... so I stopped. Threw them away. And wudda'ya know? My skin cleared up. Ok, so fuck that idea. Everyone's body is different. It's all about what works for you. So don't get discouraged if you find yourself in the same situation. Keep going. 

I still wanted to take SOMETHING. I had read about SugarBearHair vitamins all over social media. Sponsored by everyone and their mother who's "Instagram famous". I figured, well, they are obviously sponsored posts so who knows if they actually fucking work. I researched a bit, read some articles on people who felt the same way I did and tried them out for real. They were all pleasantly surprised in the results and the ingredients seemed much more mild than the ones I was taking before that screwed me up. Fuck it, I grabbed one month just to see what happens...

Please note: I fully understand that it takes a lot longer than a month's worth of vitamins to see if it makes an actual difference to my hair - but I figured, if it didn't break out my skin, I'm already winning and I might as well keep truckin' on with it.

Before the month was over... I was hooked. Not only did they not break out my skin AT ALL but I noticed a difference in my hair growth. I was not expecting that. Also doesn't hurt that they pretty much taste like candy heaven. 



After one month (see above difference) I splurged and got a 3 month pack which I'm currently still taking. I'll be all out by April so I can update you guys on my progress then. They are on the pricey side, but I honestly do see a difference or else I wouldn't have used my Christmas money to get more. Just being honest. 

*I feel the need to mention that- no, this post is not sponsored by SugarBearHair and they did not send me these for free. I purchased them with my own money. $$

Hair Care.

Now that vitamins are all set... let's talk hair care products. These are my top 3 personal must haves.

1. Not Your Mother's Way To Grow Shampoo.

Let me start off by saying this whole brand surprised me. I've used their beach wave styling spray in the past and I hated it so much I wrote the whole brand off in my head. But when I asked you guys on twitter what the best shampoo was for growing out your hair, this was recommended by at least 80% of you. And I have to say, I stand corrected, I'm a fan now. This stuff is great and it smells fucking awesome.

2. Not Your Mother's Thickening Conditioner. 

I found myself loving this conditioner better than the Way To Grow one, maybe because I'm also looking for volume. By combining some sort of shampoo conditioner cocktail I felt more productive somehow. Maybe I'm weird... but it works great. My cocktail skills have been good to me. 

3. Not Your Mother's Intensive Hair Unit Treatment.

Holy shit, this stuff. I use it once or twice a week on my ends and my hair feels like god damn silk afterwards. When I styled my hair for this grow out phase, I did a mini ombre so my ends were a little angry with me. This helped SO much and brought them back to life. I also am obsessed with how affordable this entire brand is. Everything was under $10. 

*again, this is NOT sponsored by Not Your Mother's either, haha. 

I also highly suggest investing in some wooden hair brushes. They are the best for your hair. While I'm no expert, this is what I've learned. Natural wood helps naturally condition your hair while being the most gentle and durable (less likely to break your hair). They also produce zero static!  

Current Stage.

And here we are, February 2017. Still struggling (I'm only human) but I'm definitely starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel because shit is actually happening. I feel like within the first month most see zero progress and therefore you grab your clippers and say "fuck it". That's what I did at least 3-4 times in the past few years. Don't lieeeee you've done it too. It's okay.

Above is a little over 2 months of growth. Not fucking bad, right? I still trim the bottom of my hair on my neck because that mullet is REEAL. I have a baby bob right now so keeping it all at the same length all the way around is important. I do my best to stay away from heat tools but it's difficult. I just do my best to use GOOD heat tools and spray a protectant beforehand. (*important) There's also a lot of scalp massaging that happens as well. Stimulation! I've heard a few essential oils are great for this, but I haven't tried yet. I'll definitely look more into that.

What really helps me mentally is the thought that when I'm done growing it out to the length I want, I can ALWAYS go back to my undercut but this time, I can cut it exactly how I want. Does that make sense? Being able to start from scratch is really comforting. You can always cut your hair again. Just like if you get a bad haircut, hair grows back, it's going to be okay. It may sound cheesy but it helps me. Remember, the first month is the hardest. You barely see any progress and if there is any, it's annoying. But I can assure you, after that it gets easier. You see your hair growing and you style AROUND it. 

I'm excited to document more of this process for you guys. I'm sure I will find more ways that help along the way but this is what I know so far that has made a difference. I hope this was helpful, literally and mentally, for those who are also on this journey with me! May we be strong in this endeavor! We got this. I believe in us. 

Face Shit Favorites.

It's been awhile since I've talked about my favorite skincare products. Literally has been over a year... wow what the hell michelle. I had been originally wanting to do a Youtube video covering this topic but I have yet to set up a filming space. I figured writing about it would be the next best thing! I like writing, damnit. 

The last time we sat and spoke about this, I was ranting and raving about Osmosis products. Here I am, over a year later still raving about them and using them on the daily. I've just added a lot more shit to my collection that I need to share with you! Hm, the easiest way is to go through them is probably step by step... in order. Just as a quick disclaimer, these are the products that work for ME personally. Please keep in mind that everyone's skin is different. ;) 

H-OKAY, let's get into that good shit. 

1. Makeup Removal. 

Neutragena Night Calming cleansing towelettes. Now, Neutragena produces one good thing for my skin. Makeup removal products. I've been using the night calming wipes for YEARS now and I keep going back to them when trying new things. My skin is sensitive and this is just the right amount of whatever that makes me happy. Sometimes if I'm too tired to function, I just use these bad boys and go to sleep and my skin still wakes up happy. That's definitely something worth keeping around. 

As for the eye makeup... I go for Neutragena oil-free eye makeup remover. As many of you know, I have eyelash extensions, therefore finding a good process of removing eye makeup without irritating your eyelashes is SO key. First things first... OIL-FREE is a must. Anything that contains oil will not help your extensions and it will loosen them causing them to come out. Second, I only use this when I have to remove eyeliner or things that are closest to my lashes. Simply dip a Q-tip and gently rub your eyeliner off. Pat dry without disturbing your lashes and you're good to go! Also, try not to get that shit in your eye, it's not cool. 

2. Cleanser.

Here we meet again, Osmosis Enzyme Cleanser. Yes, this is the same cleanser I've been using since day one and I'm still completely in love! I know what you're thinking... I'm actually sharing which Osmosis products I use?! Yep. I've been asked so many times I figured why not. You guys broke me down. Peer pressure, man. Like I mentioned in the disclaimer, these are the products that work for my skin and not everyones skin is the same. Just keep that in mind! But this cleanser is great!

Also.. pfft, like you're no stranger to my Pure Spin brush. I have a post on here from last year about the regular Spin brush (which I still own and use once a week for exfoliating!) Here's the deal. I did notice the regular Spin brush, when used daily, wasn't the softest for my very sensitive skin. I use it strictly for when I do facial scrubs and exfoliants. I came across the Pure Spin brush a few months after and instantly noticed a difference when I tried it. Much softer and provides two speeds. I am HOOKED on this baby. It's specifically made for us sensi's who have skin that needs baby butt soft things only. I also use this in the shower as I'm a complete mess and fling foam all over the bathroom if used at the sink. You can't take me anywhere, I swear...

If you have sensitive skin like me, I highly suggest getting this sucker! I use it every other day with ease. It's a god send. >> CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE. Use the Code: PureScout for 70% off your brush.

3. Masks! (once a week)

My faaaavorite. Masks. Here are my two go-to facial masks that I am obsessed with. MuddyBody makes AMAZING clay masks that are great for calming the skin but also sucking the dirt and shit straight out of it. My two favorites are the RELAX and DETOX. I am 100% out of my Detox mask right now or else I would have added it in the photo... just goes to prove that I use them VERY often! The Detox mask is also great for spot treatments.

How To Use: I get this question a lot. Easiest solution... Target. I picked up this little ceramic bowl (pictured above) from Target for $1.98 and I have a mini facial fan brush that you can find anywhere, I don't remember where I got this one... Mix some of the powder with water in the bowl until you reach a clay-like consistency and BOOM. Lather that on your face. I know a lot of people that mix in oils as well, but that's completely up to you. I personally just use it straight and it gets the job done. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE. Use the code: GIRRLSCOUT for 10% off your entire purchase.

Another favorite, of course, Lush. I'm obsessed with the Cup O'Coffee mask. I've tried most, if not all, of their fresh face masks that you can only get in the store. And while I absolutely love some of them, I find because they are too fresh, they go bad very quickly and I feel like I don't get enough bang for my buck out of it. I use it once and then I'm struggling to use it before it goes bad. Hm, maybe that's just me. But this mask, which you can also keep in the fridge if you so choose, is just as amazing and doesn't go bad in 2 weeks. This + the Mask of Magnaminty are great, this is just my personal favorite! Mmm. Coffee. Great for mornings!

4. Toner + other great uses.

This is my holy grail product. Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist. Can you read what it says? Tones... refreshes... AND SETS MAKEUP. Sign me the fuck up. I got recommended this product while at Ulta one day and I haven't looked back. This is a multi purpose machine. Juice Beauty makes some amazing shit, I'm serious. I use this bad boy as a toner for my face + to set my makeup when I'm done. I will even keep this in my purse on hot days and spray myself throughout the day for the most refreshing feeling. One bottle lasts be MONTHS and it's only $22. You can't beat that. 

5. Moisturize. It puts the lotion on it's skin.

Another favorite of mine. Moisturizing. It's so important to moisturize, god damn. Here are two of my go-to's. 

Fresh Moisturizing Face Oil. Hello beautiful. This is another multipurpose product. You can either use this alone as a moisturizer, or add to an existing moisturizer for an extra unfff, or you can mix a drop or two of this with sugar and use it as a lip scrub, add a drop to your foundation for a dewy finish. I swear, I could go on and on about what I use this for. It seems a bit pricey but you don't use a lot so it lasts FOREVER. This is still my first bottle and I bought this months ago.

Juice Beauty GREEN APPLE Age Defy Moisturizer. This is a recent love of mine, since I was in love with the hydrating mist so much, I decided to try out more of their products. They do not disappoint. It smells amazing and a little goes a long way with this stuff. All of their green apple brightening products have been great so far and I plan on trying out some more in the future for sure. I'm a fan, Juice Beauty, I'm a fucking fan. *cries with hands in the air*

6. Eye Serum.

"You know what they say, the eyes are the windows to the face." Osmosis Refresh Eye Serum.

Of course, Osmosis, my dear old friend. We meet again. I didn't start using eye serums until recently but this one I'm a big fan of. I only use this in the mornings before I put on my makeup and it smells like oranges and citrus heaven! It wakes you the fuck up. A little goes a long way.

7. Hand Cream. 

I'm a sucker for a good lotion. Having a lot of tattoos, you grow to use a lot throughout the years but a good hand lotion is hard to find. I always test ones out at stores and they either smell ridiculous and I'm stuck walking around the mall smelling like a sour pineapple or they make your hands slimey or sticky. Behold. Ipsy provided me with a FULL SIZE of this baby and I haven't stopped using it. Cake Beauty: Delectable Lemon & Cream Hand... Cream.

PS. If you aren't signed up for Ipsy, what are you even doing with your life? It's only $10/month and you receive a bag full of samples and full size products once a month. This is how I found my favorite foundation amongst other products I wouldn't have found otherwise. It's great! Been using it for so long.  Click here to sign up.

Makeup Brush Care!

This is so important for skincare. Hnnnng. Keeping your makeup brushes clean! I know we get lazy and put it off... but once you start cleaning them every 1-2 weeks, you'll notice such a big difference in your skin. I'm tellin' you. Your face will thank you.

Blendercleanser Solid. I got this sucker on Amazon and it lasts forever, even though it says it's for beauty blenders, it's great for brushes as well. Wet your brush, rub it around in the soap and under running water, gently rub your brush back and forth on these little brush egg cleaners. 

Which brings me to my next adorable thing... Egg Brush Cleaners. Also bought on Amazon, these things are so great if you don't have a sink that fits the brush mats or need something easier to travel with. Maybe I'll do a video on how I clean my brushes and such... But for now - these are what I use and I highly suggest investing if you don't have any solid cleansing tools!

And you know, if you ever need a place to store all of your face shit... I got you covered. ;)

I hope this wasn't TOO much to read. If you're into beauty products and trying out new shit as much as I am then I hope you learned something cool today and if not, I hope you chuckled a little at my word-vomit style of blogging. ;)

Kick some major ass, make Monday your bitch. It's not over yet.

PS. Thank you to Moonshine Devine for the adorable crystals featured in my photos. I'm in love.

My Little Saving Grace.

It's not often that I come across products that I immediately rave about. I usually like to give a few weeks of usage before I go, "Ok, you all need to check this out." This is an exception. I'm in love. 

As you may or may not know, one of my very first blog posts on this site in 2014 was about what helps me deal with my anxiety. I can link it to you right here. I mentioned the fact that I use essential oils when I'm feeling anxious or I simply just need a boost to help feel relaxed without the use of alcohol because well, I don't drink. Now, I'm a total newb when it came to this, but I had no idea that essential oil aroma diffusers existed in this world. Why didn't anyone tell me this?! 

Holy shit you guys. 

I give you... my little saving grace, my baby dinosaur space egg, my glowing beam of hope, my "you make me feel like leo did when he finally won an oscar" container. 

Now, know this, you don't need to struggle with anxiety to enjoy the effects this little lady will bring into your life. Yes, she's a lady. Essential oils help you sleep better, breathe better, help when you're sick and feeling congested, when you're emotionally drained, needing an extra energy boost or dealing with the struggles of being a fucking female once a month...

I use Lavender when I need help going to sleep, especially if I have anxiety. Eucalyptus or Peppermint when I'm feeling sick and need to unplug my entire head. Lemongrass or Orange when I'm just cleaning around the house or needing some extra energy. It just instantly helps. I have a few oils from DoTerra like I mentioned in my older post but if you don't wanna break the bank, I got a cute little starter set for not much from Radha Beauty, I'll give you a link right here.

It runs consistently for 120 minutes (or less if you choose) and all you need to do is refill it with distilled water, add a few drops of any essential oil and turn it back on. Boom. No batteries, no nothing. What's the best part? This will not break your wallet. That's what's so amazing. Lean back and breathe it all in. You feel that? Fuuuuuuuck. That's relaxation, baby.

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE from Vanity Planet. 

Use the code: AROMASCOUT for 50% off. 

Makeup Refresher.

I've been really diggin' my makeup routine lately you guys. It's been hot as mother fucking hell in California this summer but whether it's a highlighter or literal sweat on my face, I strive to be a glowy/dewy son of a b at all times. 

If you subscribe to my YouTube channel, you've probably seen my Makeup Routine video from a few months ago. I still use some of those products but I feel like I've just upgraded lately. Once you get sucked into that vortex that is "the YouTube black hole"... you end up watching makeup tutorials for multiple hours straight and you pick up on a few things. Let's go step by step.

Foundation: IT Cosmetics Illuminating CC Cream (my shade: medium)

One of the best foundations I've ever used. It lasts forever and it doesn't cake up on my face. If you want glowy skin, get this shit. I'm seriously in love. 

Foundation/Setting Powder: IT Cosmetics "Your Skin But Better" CC Airbrush Perfecting Powder

I use this with a big fluffy brush for a light/sheer coverage just to set the foundation in the places I want. Avoiding my cheeks and nose for optimum glowy-ness!

Bronzer: Tartè Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer

Blush: Benefit Rockateur Blush Box

One of the best blushes I've used to date, which also smells like heaven or some sort of heavenly fruit. 

Eyebrows: Anastasia Dip Brow (dark brown)

Highlighter: NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator & Makeup Forever Sculpting Duo (pink highlighter only, the bronzer that comes with it isn't my favorite at all*)

I apply the Liquid Illuminator to my cheek bones and my cupids bow and then actually use the pink highlighter on a brush over the liquid to intensify it. Kind of acting as a highlighter setting powder. I also do the sides of my forehead, bridge of my nose and my chin.. and BAM.

Prime/Setting Spray: MAC Fix Plus

I use this before and after my makeup routine, as a primer & setting spray. I've literally never been a huge fan of MAC... but I tried this after seeing everyone and their mother use it on YouTube tutorials. They were definitely on to something because it's amazing. 

As far as mascara goes, you already kinda know my deal with that - and if you don't, click here.

I still don't consider myself the girliest person on the planet, but makeup has always been fun for me. I feel like I've been kicking ASS at highlighting ever since my skin improved so much, so I needed to share these products with you. I'm sure I'll do another tutorial video here in the next few months, but in the meantime, these are my MUST HAVE makeup products for sure. 

For your entertainment pleasure, here is a video on how NOT to do your daily makeup routine... courtesy of the man that has my heart. Enjoy. ;)

My Skin Food: Osmosis Skincare

I talk about skin quite frequently on here and if there's ever been a major insecurity of mine: it's been my skin. I've struggled with problematic skin since I was in 7th grade. I've spent ... well, my mother has graciously spent ridiculous amounts of money on anything we could find to try and solve it. Being a teenager is rough when you're just getting into makeup and your skin literally rebels against it. It didn't stop me from going out, but it stopped me from being comfortable in my own skin (no pun intended) 90% of the time.

I tried ProActiv, Dermologica, literally everything at the drug store, going on birth control (which helps a little but not 100%) to prescription solutions and nothing worked. I was never comfortable enough to go out and get my mail without some form of foundation on my face. I would get bullied in high school, ruthless kids telling me to "just wash my face" was probably thee most unbearable comment, like it was just so easy and I must be stupid. 

Recently, and I mean, this year recently, my friend Amanda introduced me to the line Osmosis SkinCare. She sold me on the fact that her sister had far worse skin problems than I had and she was 100% clear within a few weeks. I reached out to the company with hopes they would recommend the right products for my skin type. Might I add, thee most helpful group of people I've ever encountered. I quickly received my products that I ordered and was so excited as I saw this clear skin oasis not too far out of my reach. 

Within a short amount of time, I noticed my skin was improving... in the beginning I still had some breakouts on days when I was hormonal (as it always does) but I did notice when I got into months 3 and 4, that was no longer even an issue. My skin stayed clear even while being a raging hormonal nutcase. It was a miracle.

BEFORE: March 2015 

BEFORE: March 2015 

CURRENT: August 2015

CURRENT: August 2015

I made sure I took before/after photos right when I woke up, no makeup, same lighting to show you the drastic difference in my skin. Takes a lot of girl balls to post that before photo but I'm just so proud of the results I have to suck it up. Not only are their products effective, but they all smell wonderful! I was so used to products that were harsh and almost borderline unbearable because of all the chemicals... but this stuff smells like fruit. It's glorious. All of their products are also gluten-free and mostly vegan - and they do NOT test on animals. *hooray* 

I know this particular skincare line is a bit on the pricey side, but I can assure you, it's worth every single penny if you struggle with problematic skin like I did. I know they all say that but I'm hoping that me sharing my experience can lean you towards the hopeful side. I never thought that my skin would ever look this clear, let alone have such a soft and pretty texture to it. Spencer can vouch for this when I say my confidence has skyrocketed.

I would normally post the specific products that I use, but I feel like this line definitely needs to be personalized to you and yours. I wouldn't want people going out and purchasing the same cleanser, toner, moisturizer that I use and have it not work on their skin because we are not the same. Their website is very helpful in breaking down each product so it's easy for you to match and put together a regime that's all your own.

To purchase product CLICK HERE.

Please note: This post is not sponsored by Osmosis Skincare. I am not getting paid to write this review, this is something I'm doing on my own free time because I legitimately think others will see great results from this line. It's seriously changed my life and I'm forever grateful I took the plunge.

If any of you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

That said, cheers to happy healthy skin! Enjoy your Tuesday, my loves. 

Healthy Hair + Styling Tips

I've been asked a lot to write this blog and let me tell you, I'm glad to. I've gone years with fried hair, split ends and just overall dryness because I couldn't stop fucking with it. I couldn't stop going from red to blonde to brunette to purple to green to white. I wasn't stopping for nobody and I wasn't nice to my hair in the process. Naturally. But, this past year my hair took a change for the better and here's why:

  • I stopped dying it so frequently. I put my urges aside and was nice to it. Perhaps this is an adult thing I had to grow into, I'm not sure but we're gonna go with that because it makes me feel better. I went a solid 8 months without touching dye to my head and it felt great. Touching up roots is one thing and I understand some people just have to do that, but overall color, try and wait as long as possible. Let your hair breathe and be happy.
  • I stopped using 10,000 products. Slight exaggeration but whatever. I used to work for a wholesale beauty company when I was 19 and I would come home on the daily with 4-5 new hair products and I would use them, all. It's free, so I'm gonna try it. I narrowed my hair care down to 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner and 1 treatment. I use a leave-in after the shower just to untangle and that's it. I kept my hair on a routine and I felt it made it much happier. Just like your skin is happy when you do the same thing. 
  • I only wash my hair around 2-3 times a week. My hair tends to get oily pretty fast just because I find myself touching it a lot as it likes to hang out in my facial region 99.9% of the time. Your hair needs it's natural oils, don't strip it and take that away from it. (This is also key in keeping your color lasting as long as possible) Make dry shampoo your BEST FRIEND.
  • Air dry your hair instead of blow drying it as often as you can. As much as I love a good blow out with silky soft hair, an air dry every once in awhile can save a life. It does less heat damage. I'll usually do this if I'm working from home during the day and I have no afternoon plans. It's really good for it. 

When your hair needs saving and it's gasping for hydration, don't worry, I gotchoo boo. This is what I use and it works WONDERS**.

Bloke Restore + Hydrate Hair Treatment 

I use this probably once every other week, or sometimes more often if my ends need a quick pick-me-up.

How to Apply: Just put a comfortable amount in your hand and apply to DRY hair before you take a shower. Just like you would put on conditioner. Leave in for up to 30 minutes. Rinse. Proceed to take a shower like normal; shampoo, conditioner, the whole sha-bang. 

If you use my coupon code: GIRRLSCOUT it makes this bad boy only $20. 

If you're wondering how I get my loose curl/waves, I made a tutorial for you guys. So if you want to learn my process + watch me act like a weirdo, click play. :)

Happy Monday!



Vanity Planet and How It Can Save Your Life

I came across Vanity Planet from a fellow blogger when I was in need of some skin help a few months ago. She was using this Spin Brush and it was adorable looking... I looked it up and was immediately intrigued. It had raving reviews and was more than half the price of those expensive brushes you find at Sephora and Ulta. 

I, must, have it. 

So I bought it, no it was not sent to me, I bought it. And I quickly fell in love with it.

It came with 4 different spin heads. A regular facial brush, an exfoliating brush, a body brush and a pumice stone. 

Let's see you do all that for this price, Clarisonic... pfft. 

Instantly after using this my face felt cleaner and way more refreshed. It's also the greatest way to wake up in the morning. 

You can use this with any facial cleanser, scrub, you name it. There are no boundaries and that's how I like it. ;) 

Normally this bad boy is $99 but..

Use this promo code: SpinGS24

it makes this kit only $30 at checkout. Again, that's how I like it.... You're welcome.


I'm gonna keep this post short, simple and sweet for you. I just needed to share as I've been using this baby for about 2 months now and have seen an outrageous difference in my skin. I wanted to make sure it was legit before I shared. ;) You know me... always lookin' out for you guys. 

Please note: This blog post is not sponsored and I was not asked to write this. This is simply me enjoying a product and sharing my thoughts and feelings with you about it. Feel free to do with it what you please, but I highly recommend picking one up! :) 

Happy skin is my kinda skin. I thought you would all agree. 

How To Style An Undercut: 5 Simple Ways

I've finally had time to sit down and let you in on the undercut secrets. Seems to be quite a popular topic, I had no idea it would blow up so fast! But, none the less, I'm glad to give you the low down on what is 'the undercut'. Or I suppose, my version of it...

I talked about it a little bit in my Q&A video I posted a bit ago, which also includes a 360 degree shot of my haircut if you're interested

Let's go back in time. I originally did not mean to have the hairstyle I have now. I decided to chop my hair off on a drive home from Vegas in August 2013. I'm very random most of the time (ok, all of the time) and I get bored with my hair so easily, I needed to switch it up and I needed to light a fire under my ass. I had shoulder length hair with an ombre very much like the one I have now..  but I was just, bored.

So I did it.

Photo by: Baldwin Media Photography

Photo by: Baldwin Media Photography

Here's a screenshot of the back of my hair, since I get asked that frequently.

I kept the same cut/style for about a year (almost 2 years now), but changing up the color very very frequently. I think I literally went from brunette, to white blonde, to violet, to brunette with a green ombre all in the period of 3-4 months. I'm insane. this is the main reason why my hair didn't grow that fast during that time period.

I get questions all the time on how I dyed my hair the way it is currently and I can't help but giggle because the whole thing was an accident. I still had green in my ends and it faded into a very unpleasant color as you could imagine... I wanted to get rid of it, as I had hopes to add some pastel pink instead. when does my madness end?? So we quickly bleach-washed my ends for, I kid you not, 1 minute. If that. It came out so quickly and turned into this perfect golden blonde color that we refused to cover it. I thought to myself, eh I've had crazy colored hair for awhile now, maybe having a natural-ish color will be cool.

And it looked like she tamed the beast. It's been 10 months and I haven't had dye touch my hair since.... well, since last week. ;) 

I get asked a lot about how I style my hair, what products I use and what are some different things to do when it comes to styling... I think I have about 5 solid different ways I do my hair. Depending on the outfit, my mood, if I'm going out or going to the gym. It doesn't matter. 

We'll start with the lazy but playful styles. A top knot & pig bunz. as I like to call them.

I strictly use those clear rubber bands when i put my hair up, but mainly because it's so easily hidden. I just don't go around it a lot of times that way it doesn't damage the hair as much. You can find them literally anywhere. Target, Walmart, whatever. This is also a great alternative for when my hair is a greaseball and I don't want it in my face. I'm sure everyone can relate to this problem. 

Next, there's the plain.. straight.. hair. 

Which is fine, it's best for when Spencer wants to play with it when we're lying in bed watching Parks and Rec. ;) No tangles, just silk. I don't mind it, but I'm a queen of volume so sometimes it's rare. Or at least lately it is. But if I always want volume I will use a dry shampoo or tease my roots for a little unff. 

Whenever it's straight and I'm going out, I can always slick it back or pin up one of the sides. Instant glam feel, I think. 

This has become much more comfortable over time since my hair has grown quite a bit. When it was shorter I couldn't do this style without loading my head full of hairspray, it wasn't pleasant. 

But if you want an edgy look, with a LBD for a night out, this is a good call. It grabs attention and your hair isn't in your face all night. Win/win!


Lately I've been wearing my hair like this a lot... The wavey/curly volume-ess way.

It's actually really simple and I don't even own a curling iron. Flat irons have always been nicer to me when it comes to curling. Besides, my hair takes curl very very easily, which is a blessing and a curse. I have to be gentle and every piece I curl I comb out with my fingers immediately so I don't end up looking like Shirley Temple. 

It's just so bouncy and I love it, it's my favorite at the moment. As I'm sure if you follow me on Instagram you would know. ;) 


As far as styling products go, I mainly just use one.. Enjoy Shaping Lotion. It's my knight in shining armor. I've tried everything under the sun to give my hair texture but it always ended up making it gunky feeling and stiff by the end of the day. This lotion keeps my hair super soft yet super flexible, all day, even for over 24 hours. cause sometimes i'm dirty like that. I put this stuff in my hair before I blow dry and after I style it for the best effect, I think.

I also will use a Argan oil on my ends when they're looking sad and dry. I think every brand in the world has one, it shouldn't be hard to find. I get mine from Target. 


I'm slowly getting into doing videos for you guys, so I'm sure I'll make hairstyling tutorials in the future. There's not much to my hair and I like it that way. Simplicity with a shock factor. ;) 

Black t-shirt dress // Target

Harness Belt // DIY 

Sunnies // Forever 21

I hope this helped all you ladies with a similar cut. If you have any questions, you know where to find me. 

Girl Are Those Your Real Lashes?

I know what you're thinking, and I thought the same thing when I heard about these things: Such a waste of money, they don't do anything, it doesn't make any sense. I was that girl, so don't feel alone. I remember working at a beauty supply store when I was 20 years old hearing all these cosmetologists talking up a storm about eyelash extensions. *dun dun dun* I didn't understand the hype nor did I understand paying that much money for lashes when I could spend $3.85 at Target and put them on myself for the night. No hassle. Amirite?

You're eye-rolling me, I know it.

I gave in, ladies.. and I'm really glad that I did. When I was faced with a work trip to Germany this past month and I was the only girl out of 8 dudes, I needed to make my "getting ready" time as minimal as possible. Boys wait for no one, especially when you're not dating them. So, I gave it a shot, threw down some money and said "what the heck".

And then I met Amanda, my eyelash guru.

The process of getting these babies on takes around 2 hours. Painless. Once you get them in, they're in. Just have to take care of them.

Things you must remember if you're getting lash extensions:

  • Brush them when they get wet (Don't worry, they aren't going anywhere) but they just stick together when they are wet, just brush them and make them pretty. 
  • Try your best not to sleep on your face, all you face-sleepers. These things can take a beating but don't press your luck. 
  • If you wear mascara (I'm not sure why you would) make sure you don't use waterproof mascara. It's not good for the lashes. But I'm telling you... you won't need mascara. I threw mine away.
  • I always pat my face dry whenever I get out of the shower, so make sure you do the same with your lashes. Don't rub your eyes with your towel - Play nice!

But ever since I've gotten my extensions, I haven't worn mascara once. I don't wear eyeshadow and very rarely eyeliner - I don't feel like I even need it. I even get out of the shower and feel pretty. I don't have to worry about my mascara running in the shower or getting out of a swimming pool looking like Gene Simmons. I can barely feel them, they aren't heavy or in my way. 

I know there are people who overcharge for these suckers, but you also want to stray from something that might seem 'too good to be true'. There's a reason they are a little pricey, trust me. You just have to find someone with the right prices. These are Amanda's:

  • Full Set - $150
  • Fillings - $50

Note: Amanda is located in Aliso Viejo, CA for all of you local readers, I HIGHLY recommend you go to her and I'm not saying that because I'm biased and I love her dogs. I promise. But anything around her price range is 100% worth it. She's made me do a 180 from how I felt about them years ago and I'm afraid I might be addicted. It's all her fault.

If you want to book an appointment with her >> CLICK HERE.

Before & After Full Set

Before & After Full Set

Stay beautiful, my gems. 


Frank Body Coffee Scrub I love you

OK I'm ready to tell you all about my love affair with this stuff...

Now, if ANY of you know me on a personal level, you'll know my skin & I have a love/hate relationship. Lately, I have been loving it. So that's a great thing. Cool. Awesome. Fantastic. I've noticed that the two key ingredients to happy skin are...

1. Happy life. Positive attitude. Less stress.

While we can all agree, these things are definitely easier said than done. I, for one, have anxiety issues so I laugh in the face of "Less stress." OH OK, SURE. But really, the less I thought about how my skin looked and just, well, didn't care and enjoyed my life, the prettier and healthier my skin was. I will humbly give my boyfriend most of my happiness credit. *aww*

2. Frank Body Coffee Scrub

There's something I can definitely relate to when the first email I receive from them after I order is titled "The time to get naked has arrived", OKAY Frank, I'm listening... 

I first heard about this magic stuff on Instagram from a fellow blogger. Intrigued and forever in search of things that could potentially make my skin better... I obliged. $16 + free shipping?! Again, I'm listening...


My skin listened. My face cleared up. Tiny stretch marks started to fade. The scars on my back started to fade. I was in awe. Here I am, regretting the hundreds of dollars I've spent on overpriced products from drugs stores and beauty outlets when all I needed was f**king coffee? Come on, man. But I swear, this stuff, will change your life. I have no doubt that any other user will tell you the same thing. This baby targets cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema and acne.

All you gotta do is rub this all over, all of it, everywhere. (I usually use around half a cup on my entire body. A little goes a long way.) Leave it on for around 10 minutes. (This works great as I live alone; walking around my house naked covered in coffee grounds) Totally normal. ;)

Wash it off in the shower. Don't worry, it doesn't stain. And BOOM - feel the love. I usually use this scrub around twice a week and didn't see major results for around 2-3 weeks. Worth the wait.

There are three different "flavors",  Original  ...  Coconut & Grapeseed  ...  Cacao.  

There are three different "flavors", Original ... Coconut & Grapeseed ... Cacao. 

Even the packaging is sassy.... Really? It's like it was made for me.

Even the packaging is sassy.... Really? It's like it was made for me.


I'm currently using the Original, but I've tried the Cacao as well and love it. Slowly moving through each product and falling more in love. This stuff has a shelf life like no other, just make sure it's always sealed and kept in a cool dry place. My first bag lasted around 5 months so be nice to Frank and he will love you long time.

Thank you Frank, you are the only one for me. (It's ok, my boyfriend will understand...) 

If you want to see some before & after skin photos thanks to this amazing product, visit their feedback instagram and be amazed. 

Now on behalf of Frank & I, go get dirty.