NTYLS + A Blogger's Challenge

I've been working with NTYLS for a few months now and I've been loving them. We hit it off immediately and everything they stand for... I will gladly stand behind. The most adorable ladies with the most powerful message. I can dig it. :)

For those of you that are scratching your heads, NTYLS stands for Note To Your Little Sister. If you want to know more about their background, Click Here.

I was given a fun challenge. I love challenges. Two dresses, two looks. Day/Night. Here's what I've come up with, just going off of things I had in my own closet already. Keeping it very simple!

Dress 1 - Courney Maxi Dress // Day Look

Literally anything paired with a simple leather jacket can be day OR night, in my opinion. I pretty much live in leather jackets, you can ask Spencer, he will vouch. It will literally DAY anything you got. Not even kidding you. 

Accessories for this look include:


Dress 2 - Ashley Dress // Day Look

Again, with the leather jacket. I swear by it. This is a very flashy dress when worn without a jacket, in order to make it day, you have to cover the right parts of it. I like saving dramatic details for night time, maybe that's just me, but it's more fancy I think. 

  • Accessories used for this look are the same as above. 

Dress 1 - Courtney Maxi Dress // Night Look

Simply put... jacket off and some sexy skin-showing shoes later and you're ready for the night. I instantly felt ready to grab dinner with my man when I switched into night gear. You can also put your hair up with this look to show more shoulder if yours is longer. Me, I don't really have much of a choice. ;) 

Accessories for this look include: 


Dress 2 - Ashley Dress // Night Look

This dress. Bam. Night and day in itself when you remove the jacket, didn't I tell you? This dress also has a back scoop neck. To die for. I wanted to make sure I used the same accessories and just changed minor details in order to make the world of a difference. The right shoes always go a long way. I wore this dress just walking around downtown with a jacket, the second I took it off I felt almost Vegas-ready. 

  • Accessories used for this look are the same as above. 

Dressing up or down a dress, romper, etc is quite simple if you don't overdo it. Don't overthink it. Some people underestimate just how easy it can be when you pair something with a simple jacket or a day shoe. I think some people stray from semi-flashy pieces because they think "well when in the hell would I wear that?" I'm here to tell you you can wear it whenever you damn well want to! hehe

Thank you NTYLS for not only selling amazing shit but giving me this challenge. It's fun to switch it up sometimes. Bring it on! 

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Happy Tuesday!