DIY Leather Harness Belt

You know me, I see something that I want but it's wildly overpriced so I just say "fuck it" and attempt to create it myself. 

I'm best friends with Michael's at this point. We're close buddies.

Now you all might be familiar with the random trend that arose, the leather harness belt. I'm sure it's been around longer than I think it has, but I just recently noticed it popping up everywhere and I loved the look it brought to a rather plain outfit. A plain white tee, a solid color dress, etc etc. 

All things unique intrigue the shit out of me. So I went online searching, free people, urban outfitters, everywhere seemed to have them. But the cheap ass that I am felt weird spending $75 on three skinny pieces of leather. Now, I understand that the pricier ones had braids and chains (like above) and I admire the skills in putting those together, I understand why those are priced the way they are... but the plain ones, didn't really make sense to me. Us poor folks can't be running around spending that much cash on something so little and so simple. 

I saw that Forever 21 was selling one, $10.80... with 2 horrible 1 star reviews saying it was a piece of junk that wasn't flattering. Well, that's what you get when you bargain shop sometimes, too. Junk. So that wasn't an option for me either. 

I went to Michael's in search of the materials I'd need to just make one on my own, and keeping track of my spendings to see if it was worth it. If it was going to cost me $50 in materials, I might as well just buy one.

  1. 1.5' black genuine leather strip // $9.99
  2. 1/4" double round spots // $3.99
  3. a pack of 10 regular sized key rings // $1.79

The leather strip was rather wide so I knew I could cut the whole thing in half and have plenty of wiggle room for the back and the sides without any problem. 

So I cut it and started attaching the rings. I found that pounding a nail through the leather in the correct spots for the holes made putting the round spots in way easier. (R.I.P. three of my nails though...) 

If you are doing this on the floor like I so lazily did, make sure you lightly tap the nails placed on the cracks, you don't wanna be putting tiny little holes in your floor. I made that mistake a few times, don't judge me.

Measuring the back was probably the hardest part, I had to keep cutting it and reattaching it a few times to make sure it didn't bubble on my back, it has to be tight so it lays flat. And since the leather is new, know that in time it will wear down and not be so stiff. The more you wear it of course ;) 

And there it was, the finished product. I am so pleased! Took around an hour to get everything just right. Best thing about it?

Total Cost: $15.79

Talk about bang for your buck. 

I'm now freakishly tempted to go buy some brown leather and make a second one. The possibilities are endless!

If you guys have any questions, you know where to find me. ;) 


DIY Unif FF's

You all know how I feel about passive aggressive tee's, flannels, jackets and literally everything. I love them to pieces. Probably too much. So when I came across these UNIF FF's... let me give you a visual. see below.

Yeah, these babies. 

Instant heart eyes. 

Until I saw the price... $110 (on sale!) 

Ain't nobody have cash like that to throw down on a pair of sneakers. I know I don't. I was super bummed out. 

That's when I thought to myself, that's simple enough I think I could totally recreate that but obviously with different wording. being cautious. 

So this afternoon, I went out on a small mission.

  • All black vans, $40.00 
  • White acrylic paint, $1.75
  • Individual letter ink stamps, $9.99

Let's do this. 

A little magic and probably 10 minutes of my time, and you have the final product:

I cannot tell you how much I loved doing this. I might be a little addicted and make more... but for now, these will most definitely do. And you know you'd much rather spend $51.75 instead of $110.00 >> Let's be honest here.

I'm just so in love and I hope this sparks your creative DIY spirit. As much as I do love most of what UNIF puts out, this was something I had to take into my own hands. Literally. Or feet. You know what I mean. 

Mwahaha, I did a thing.