Frank Body Coffee Scrub I love you

OK I'm ready to tell you all about my love affair with this stuff...

Now, if ANY of you know me on a personal level, you'll know my skin & I have a love/hate relationship. Lately, I have been loving it. So that's a great thing. Cool. Awesome. Fantastic. I've noticed that the two key ingredients to happy skin are...

1. Happy life. Positive attitude. Less stress.

While we can all agree, these things are definitely easier said than done. I, for one, have anxiety issues so I laugh in the face of "Less stress." OH OK, SURE. But really, the less I thought about how my skin looked and just, well, didn't care and enjoyed my life, the prettier and healthier my skin was. I will humbly give my boyfriend most of my happiness credit. *aww*

2. Frank Body Coffee Scrub

There's something I can definitely relate to when the first email I receive from them after I order is titled "The time to get naked has arrived", OKAY Frank, I'm listening... 

I first heard about this magic stuff on Instagram from a fellow blogger. Intrigued and forever in search of things that could potentially make my skin better... I obliged. $16 + free shipping?! Again, I'm listening...


My skin listened. My face cleared up. Tiny stretch marks started to fade. The scars on my back started to fade. I was in awe. Here I am, regretting the hundreds of dollars I've spent on overpriced products from drugs stores and beauty outlets when all I needed was f**king coffee? Come on, man. But I swear, this stuff, will change your life. I have no doubt that any other user will tell you the same thing. This baby targets cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema and acne.

All you gotta do is rub this all over, all of it, everywhere. (I usually use around half a cup on my entire body. A little goes a long way.) Leave it on for around 10 minutes. (This works great as I live alone; walking around my house naked covered in coffee grounds) Totally normal. ;)

Wash it off in the shower. Don't worry, it doesn't stain. And BOOM - feel the love. I usually use this scrub around twice a week and didn't see major results for around 2-3 weeks. Worth the wait.

There are three different "flavors",  Original  ...  Coconut & Grapeseed  ...  Cacao.  

There are three different "flavors", Original ... Coconut & Grapeseed ... Cacao. 

Even the packaging is sassy.... Really? It's like it was made for me.

Even the packaging is sassy.... Really? It's like it was made for me.


I'm currently using the Original, but I've tried the Cacao as well and love it. Slowly moving through each product and falling more in love. This stuff has a shelf life like no other, just make sure it's always sealed and kept in a cool dry place. My first bag lasted around 5 months so be nice to Frank and he will love you long time.

Thank you Frank, you are the only one for me. (It's ok, my boyfriend will understand...) 

If you want to see some before & after skin photos thanks to this amazing product, visit their feedback instagram and be amazed. 

Now on behalf of Frank & I, go get dirty.