Life Hack: The Men Are Hiding Things.

One thing I've learned when evolving into my own style is, who cares what section you're shopping in. Really. Who the fuck cares. Explore.

One of the best fashion and/or life "hacks" that I'm a believer in is shopping in the men's section. Excuse me, why must they insist on hiding such great finds in there? Rude. I'm over here with my long torso just wishing things would fit me properly, swimming in a sea of crop tops and capped-sleeve tee land. Not a fun place to be. It's constricting. 

Let me run you through some simple outfits that I personally love that all include a MEN'S item of clothing. You wouldn't have noticed if I didn't point it out. Oddly enough after putting them together, they all happened to be from H&M. So, there's a nudge in the right direction...  ;)


A crewneck sweatshirt that's actually long enough for me and able to go over my hands? I'm a hand hider. Guilty. It's hard to find these days. Even our crewnecks here on the shop are unisex because women's are just a joke (size wise).

Now, I fully understand why some girls like the smaller tees, the tight fitting shape, I understand. If you've got it flaunt it. Who am I to tell you not to buy it? For me, I don't personally wear "oversized" tees to hide my shape, I just love the casual style of it, man. I mean, even the most simplest of tasks like tucking in the front of your tee in your skinny jeans makes a look 30x more put together and/or "styled". I don't know how that's a thing but IT'S A THING. It's a thing that I denied for a long time and eventually gave in and understood. 

Everyone's style is different and that's what makes them, well, them. Embrace the fuck out of that. I will never tell you to do otherwise. I'm just sharing my shopping secrets, from me to you, in case you're always having a hard time. I find that when people try and find something I tagged online... they can't find it, well because most likely it was found in the men's section. See what I mean?! They're hoarding the good shit over there. Selfish bastards. Who needs to spend extra money on a women's "oversized tee" when you can pay a fraction of the price right over in the other section?! Am'i'right ladies.


My hands are just so happy, tucked in their little sleeve home. Toasty. You can't do this with women's thermals... and if you do, the second you reach up to grab something or hug someone, it creeps up your stomach. *eye roll*

I guess my whole thing is simplicity. Fake it til' you make it, in a sense that... you look put together and styled but you're also stupid comfortable and hey, you saved money. That sounds like a huge win to me. There's nothing that says you can't shop in any section you want. You might be surprised at what you find. 

I've been on the hunt for a distressed hooded cardigan that wasn't paper thin for MONTHS. Turns out, again, I was looking in the wrong section. Men's XS. Fits like a damn dream. I live in this jacket. AND IT'S GOT POCKETS!

Before I keep rambling on and on and on, I think you see my point. This is also something most girls probably already know, I'm completely aware of that. But hey, it's something I live by... and it's something I needed to share. Don't let them steal the good shit, ladies. There's a whole 'nother world out there. Unite and conquer. 

Romp Around.

It's been way too long since I covered some fashion on here and I decided to make a comeback with one of my favorite things: Rompers. Let's be honest guys, they are gods gift. Glorified pajamas (some of them). I can't get enough. 

Even though I struggle with long torso syndrome, I still find a way to make them work and find the right ones for my shape. It's a science. I studied. I also love the fact that they cut outfit deciding time in HALF. One thing, boom. Pick out shoes. You're done, uh'bye. 

I know I've written a post about rompers before, way back in 2014.. and my opinion still stands. There are ways to wear and enjoy rompers whilst having a longer torso. Easy. Just find rompers that are either 1) not elastic at the waist or 2) halter or have adjustable straps.

The elastic waist is tricky, especially for people like me who have child bearing hips. It's usually a no-no and I gravitate towards rompers that are one width, (like pictured above) that way you don't have anything riding up while you're walking, virtually turning your outfit into a thong by the time you've taken your 3rd step. Whenever I see one width rompers like these... I pounce. They are so comfortable. 

Outfit Details:

At Ease Ribbed Romper by Tobi

Cusco High Top Kicks by Inkkas 

Crossbody Bag by Irene's Story (here's one that's similar)

Another alternative is a halter/off the shoulder or adjustable straps, cutout backs, etc etc. If you find something that has a separate bottom piece all it's own, that's good, that way you're able to adjust the length of the back. Girls like me with a booty know what's up.

This particular romper was such an awesome exception and like I mentioned before, cut outs are your friend. They allow extra length and the back was open, thus giving me room to adjust. I hope you're writing this all down because if you have the same problems as I do, this will save a life. Unfortunately there's the one disadvantage that comes with sporting a romper... I love them, but every bathroom trip turns into an episode of Naked and Afraid. There's no way around it. Sorry guys.

I know I wrote about this subject two years ago but I feel the need to highlight on it again because I keep stumbling upon amazing rompers that are not only affordable but great quality. I found both of these at and the best part is if you sign up for their mailing list, you immediately get 50% off your entire first purchase. Uh. Yes please. (please note: this does not give me any sort of commission, I just like sharing good shit with you guys.)

And this, is, good, shit. 

Outfit details:

With You Off Shoulder Romper by Tobi

Black Ankle Boots by (here's some that are similar)

Black Messer Fedora by Brixton

For more cute shit, here are some other Tobi favorites: DressesCrop TopsRompersJumpsuitsBodysuitsMidi Dresses

NTYLS + A Blogger's Challenge

I've been working with NTYLS for a few months now and I've been loving them. We hit it off immediately and everything they stand for... I will gladly stand behind. The most adorable ladies with the most powerful message. I can dig it. :)

For those of you that are scratching your heads, NTYLS stands for Note To Your Little Sister. If you want to know more about their background, Click Here.

I was given a fun challenge. I love challenges. Two dresses, two looks. Day/Night. Here's what I've come up with, just going off of things I had in my own closet already. Keeping it very simple!

Dress 1 - Courney Maxi Dress // Day Look

Literally anything paired with a simple leather jacket can be day OR night, in my opinion. I pretty much live in leather jackets, you can ask Spencer, he will vouch. It will literally DAY anything you got. Not even kidding you. 

Accessories for this look include:


Dress 2 - Ashley Dress // Day Look

Again, with the leather jacket. I swear by it. This is a very flashy dress when worn without a jacket, in order to make it day, you have to cover the right parts of it. I like saving dramatic details for night time, maybe that's just me, but it's more fancy I think. 

  • Accessories used for this look are the same as above. 

Dress 1 - Courtney Maxi Dress // Night Look

Simply put... jacket off and some sexy skin-showing shoes later and you're ready for the night. I instantly felt ready to grab dinner with my man when I switched into night gear. You can also put your hair up with this look to show more shoulder if yours is longer. Me, I don't really have much of a choice. ;) 

Accessories for this look include: 


Dress 2 - Ashley Dress // Night Look

This dress. Bam. Night and day in itself when you remove the jacket, didn't I tell you? This dress also has a back scoop neck. To die for. I wanted to make sure I used the same accessories and just changed minor details in order to make the world of a difference. The right shoes always go a long way. I wore this dress just walking around downtown with a jacket, the second I took it off I felt almost Vegas-ready. 

  • Accessories used for this look are the same as above. 

Dressing up or down a dress, romper, etc is quite simple if you don't overdo it. Don't overthink it. Some people underestimate just how easy it can be when you pair something with a simple jacket or a day shoe. I think some people stray from semi-flashy pieces because they think "well when in the hell would I wear that?" I'm here to tell you you can wear it whenever you damn well want to! hehe

Thank you NTYLS for not only selling amazing shit but giving me this challenge. It's fun to switch it up sometimes. Bring it on! 

Enjoy 25% off your entire purchase on NTYLS with my code: GIRRLSCOUTVIP

Happy Tuesday!

Underneath It All (not the No Doubt song)

I've been wanting to write this blog post for awhile now because it was a constant struggle for me and I've recently figured out the best solution for it. Listen up.

You know when you're out shopping, especially this time of year, when those glorious little white sundresses come out to play. I'm a sucker for baby doll dresses in white, paired with sandals or ankle books Ahhhhhhh! It's definitely a thing of mine. But my biggest struggle was trying it on and going "Yep, you can see RIGHT through this." and I never buy them. Unless you wear a bathing suit underneath and head to the beach or the pool, everyone's gonna see your Tuesday knickers and that nude bra you try so hard to camouflage into your skin. But it doesn't work, it's there, and I feel it ruins the dress. I found the best solution that will literally work for everyone... not even kidding. 

Now... I've purchased slips, nude mini skirts and dress slips (which do work!) but when you have a booty like mine, it just rides up when I walk and then everyone gets a free show by the end of the sidewalk. I was constantly pulling it down and adjusting myself that it wasn't worth it anymore. 

And then I found these babies on Forever 21...

Now here's the best part about these rompers... they are $6.90 EACH. CHYEAH.

They were listed under the shapewear section, but I don't believe they are thick enough material to be compared to something like Spanx where you can't breath but look bangin'. It held me in and slimmed me out a bit, but I wouldn't rely on this for full shapewear, just my two cents. BUT, they did make it possible for me to stock up on white dresses, and I even bought the black one to wear under black lace. Until now I've been wearing shorts and a tank top under my lace dresses and now it's so easy. Ugh, life saved.

There is one con though, I have to admit. God only knows I want to rip my hair out when I have to go to the restroom with these on, especially under a dress. That's the only downside. I stand there and go, "Shit.." and I basically have to either get my straps off underneath the dress or strip down entirely. It's a process, but beauty is pain.

I will be dehydrated but god damnit I'll look cute doing it! 


In Tunic With The Times Dress - Ivory: Tobi

category: casual dresses //

Nude Romper: Forever 21

category: shapewear

Leather Harness: DIY 

Photos by: Baldwin Media Photography

TGIF ft. Pebby Forevee

So, I stumbled upon this adorable company in the beginning of my blogging journey. Pebby Forevee was one of the first brands I collaborated with so I guess you could say... we're long time lovers. oh baby oh baby. You all know how I feel about making a statement when it comes to tees. I don't need to dive into that again, you see it everywhere. You know the drill. 

Her designs are not only sassy but they are cute, funny and #accurate. yes, i just hashtagged in a sentence. The fact that they are all customizable AND unisex made me want them even more!

Off the shoulder, regular crew neck, tank top, you name it. I needed to have them and so did Spencer. Ladies, your men will wear these tees. He wears his almost weekly. He can vouch.

*picks up jaw* Sorry, it still blows my mind that I'm dating such an attractive man. Woosh.


Anyways, I feel like every few weeks she comes out with a new design and I need to have it in my closet. I think small businesses like this make the world go round and I'm so blessed to be collaborating with such a sweetheart. 

Since Pebby Forevee & I love you all so much, here's 10% off of your next purchase on their site!

Use my code: Girrlscout

Pebby, Thank you for helping my man and I say what we need to say and look damn good while doing it. Don't ever stop creating fun shit for us wildlings to sport. 

Love, a definite returning customer & friend.


"It's like a crochet potato sack and I love it" - Me

Hooray! A fashion post! Finally.. 

If you remember way back when I began this blog, I did a fashion related post about rompers. Girls with long torso's and baby makin' hips just don't work well with rompers, pantsuits, bodysuits, etc etc. I know the struggle. Well, while I have found some rompers every now and then that are cute and fit, when I get to washing them... it all goes down the drain. It's a sad sad day. It shrinks into an XS.

Well, behold.. I found the most perfect romper.. Everyone who follows me on Instagram already knows about my obsession, but I thought I'd go a little more public with it. You know, make it official. Faceb...Um, Blog official. Sure.

Photo by: Baldwin Media Photography

Photo by: Baldwin Media Photography

*choir singing* 

I stumbled upon this on my weekly rummage through Forever 21, because you all know that store is my guilty pleasure. I was obviously hesitant because it's a romper so I double and triple checked the length to make sure it would fit... and I bought a small and waited patiently. 

It arrived. I put it on. And I think I literally kept it on for 3 days. (Obviously not 72 hours straight... but you catch my drift) I had to have more. I immediately went online and bought the other two colors available. An olive green color and a light blue/periwinkle color. Random, right? 

I'm hoping they come out in other colors, but until then, I have my 3 favorite staple pieces and I'm summer ready. Not only are they super comfortable, but they go.. with.. everything.. and just like the title of this post says, "It's like a crochet potato sack and I love it" 

There's no hip/waist elastic and the straps are adjustable. They aren't sheer or see through so you don't have to worry about your goodies showing. A simple bralette underneath, a long necklace, some Dr. Martins and I'm good to go. 

I have washed these since I bought them. In the wash, don't dry. Air dry hanging up. It got a little tighter but in all honesty... It fit me better after I washed it, so that's a definite plus! I wasn't expecting that. :P

Best part, they were only $20 each... You can find them here. (You might wanna hurry because they will go fast and I'm not sure when they will ever come back if they leave.) 

Anywho, just wanted to share. Enjoy your Monday my lovelies. :)


DIY Leather Harness Belt

You know me, I see something that I want but it's wildly overpriced so I just say "fuck it" and attempt to create it myself. 

I'm best friends with Michael's at this point. We're close buddies.

Now you all might be familiar with the random trend that arose, the leather harness belt. I'm sure it's been around longer than I think it has, but I just recently noticed it popping up everywhere and I loved the look it brought to a rather plain outfit. A plain white tee, a solid color dress, etc etc. 

All things unique intrigue the shit out of me. So I went online searching, free people, urban outfitters, everywhere seemed to have them. But the cheap ass that I am felt weird spending $75 on three skinny pieces of leather. Now, I understand that the pricier ones had braids and chains (like above) and I admire the skills in putting those together, I understand why those are priced the way they are... but the plain ones, didn't really make sense to me. Us poor folks can't be running around spending that much cash on something so little and so simple. 

I saw that Forever 21 was selling one, $10.80... with 2 horrible 1 star reviews saying it was a piece of junk that wasn't flattering. Well, that's what you get when you bargain shop sometimes, too. Junk. So that wasn't an option for me either. 

I went to Michael's in search of the materials I'd need to just make one on my own, and keeping track of my spendings to see if it was worth it. If it was going to cost me $50 in materials, I might as well just buy one.

  1. 1.5' black genuine leather strip // $9.99
  2. 1/4" double round spots // $3.99
  3. a pack of 10 regular sized key rings // $1.79

The leather strip was rather wide so I knew I could cut the whole thing in half and have plenty of wiggle room for the back and the sides without any problem. 

So I cut it and started attaching the rings. I found that pounding a nail through the leather in the correct spots for the holes made putting the round spots in way easier. (R.I.P. three of my nails though...) 

If you are doing this on the floor like I so lazily did, make sure you lightly tap the nails placed on the cracks, you don't wanna be putting tiny little holes in your floor. I made that mistake a few times, don't judge me.

Measuring the back was probably the hardest part, I had to keep cutting it and reattaching it a few times to make sure it didn't bubble on my back, it has to be tight so it lays flat. And since the leather is new, know that in time it will wear down and not be so stiff. The more you wear it of course ;) 

And there it was, the finished product. I am so pleased! Took around an hour to get everything just right. Best thing about it?

Total Cost: $15.79

Talk about bang for your buck. 

I'm now freakishly tempted to go buy some brown leather and make a second one. The possibilities are endless!

If you guys have any questions, you know where to find me. ;) 


Cabin Fever.

Breathe in that mountain air.

I grew up my entire life having a cabin up in Big Bear... it's my home away from home. The past two years we haven't had one... and I feel a bit empty. But Spencer and I took a day trip over the weekend because it needs to feel like winter, damnit! Thanks a lot California. It was so crisp and so heavenly. We didn't want to leave.

Sometimes color block outfits are best. When you're in a place as pretty as Big Bear, you can't clutter yourself with patterns and polka dots. It's all about being a 'warm ball of cuddles' as I say. That's what I strive to be. Spencer knows. ;) 

I'm definitely a mountain girl. Give me immaculate views and hikes all the way to the top, please. I vow to forever make my house as cozy and cabin-y as possible because I just love that feel. 

Get this same outfit:

jacket // nordstroms

knit long sleeve top // forever 21

dark blue skinny jeggings // forever 21

floral tennies // vans

hourglass knit beanie // moderneband store  

reader glasses // amazon


Photos by: Baldwin Media Photography

No Thanks.

There's nothing that I love more than sassy passive aggressive t-shirts. They're just, so, me

I'm sure you will end up seeing 90% of mine throughout my blogging lifetime. I will gladly show them off. ;) 

A garter belt and thigh highs will always spice up an outfit, I'll never say no. It's a simple way to make an outfit pop and be different. Just have to make sure they aren't necessarily fishnet material as that tends to come off rather halloween costume/go-go dancer.

You can get thigh high socks virtually anywhere and they don't have to be tights. It's Fall and it's a great way to still wear dresses and skirts yet keep your legs warm at the same time. 

Go big or go home. 

"No Thanks" t-shirt // forever21

Burnt Orange Skater Skirt // forever21

Garter Belt & Thigh Highs // fredericks

Black High-Tops // vans

All Photos Taken by Baldwin Media Photography

Don't Be Scared. Sincerely, Velvet

I think people are afraid of crushed velvet; they think it's super fancy or impossible to match. 

I will respectfully disagree. Now please scroll down, I'll make this short and sweet.

I wouldn't let different materials like leather, velvet, and mesh frighten you. They match with more than you think they do and you don't need some edgy haircut to pull it off... or tattoos and a nose ring. I have 5 different velvet items in my closet and it doesn't need to be date night to wear them. ;) Just own it. You got this.

Striped crop top // 

Blue Double-Slit Velvet Maxi Skirt //

Statement Necklace // 

Sandals // 

All photos taken by Baldwin Media Photography