Fashion Blogger Assumptions

Being a "fashion blogger" people tend to assume you're all about dresses/rompers with thigh high socks, 24 necklaces at one time, as many rings as Johnny Depp, garter belts, and platforms. While that might work for some girls every day, that just isn't what I've ever been about. Sure, dressing up and feeling sexy sometimes makes me a happy little clam, but so does having your favorite jeans and tee fit perfectly out of the dryer... throw on a hat and Vans and you're feeling like a solid 10. I can do both and feel great.

Truth be told I'm most happy in the most simplest of outfits. Which then forms the frequent question, "why be a fashion blogger?" Well fuck, why not? Just because I don't enjoy jingle jangling down the street carrying tons of trinkets doesn't mean I'm not into fashion. I know girls that thrive off of that shit, and that's okay too. You should always do you!

I grew up as a little tom boy: high top Converse, camouflage pants and every single lion king t-shirt you could imagine. I had dresses but I only liked them with my cowboy boots or when I had to dress up for a holiday or family function. I danced to the beat of my own drum I guess you would say.

The last situation I want to put myself in is having to adjust my outfit 30 times in one night because I thought too hard about making a statement and just ended up looking uncomfortable the whole time. You gotta stick true to yourself. 

You don't need to go above and beyond with fashion in order to be a "fashionista"... I feel like that just happens to be the ones who blog about it these days. The big Jeffrey Campbell 6" platforms with the high waisted shorts and crop tops. It looks killer in photographs but more often than not, I feel like that's not what they wear on an every day basis. It could be for some, I have no idea, this is just my assumption.

But I personally feel like fashion blogging is about sharing relatable, affordable fashion tips, tricks and every day outfits. Things everyone can afford. It irks me when I'm on a blog and think "Ugh I love this outfit but there's no way I can afford your $300 shoes and $500 Free People dress" *shrug* That's just my perspective on the situation. 

The point I'm trying to drive home is don't feel pressured by some of today's fashion bloggers who like to go above and beyond with their style - that's the way THEY express themselves and that's great. But that doesn't mean you need to make yourself uncomfortable in order to "get on their level".

You're on YOUR level and that's fucking great too. 

Photos by: Baldwin Media Photography

Acid Wash crop top: Desert Rose Apparel

Boyfriend Jeans: Forever 21

Backwards snapback hat: Forever 21 Mens 

Custom Flannel: 1994 Brand

Blogger Life: Honesty pt. 1

I receive emails every once in awhile from girls that are wanting to dive into the blogging world and are needing some guidance or more so, "where do I start?" I asked myself that same thing less than a year ago when I started this site. No shame. Everybody starts somewhere. I reached out to bloggers when I first started who helped me tremendously get a leg up on what to do. Find a name, a platform and run. The physical aspect of creating a blog is the easy part, it's deciding what type of blogger you want to be is what's difficult.

The thing you gotta know about fashion bloggers is that there are 2 different kinds. (in my opinion) You'll know the difference when you see their Instagram profiles or their websites. There's the clean cut fashion straight-to-the-point people. "Here's my outfit, where I got it, how much it was." Clean crisp photographs, often very colorful and bright. Their Instagram pages are seamless and pore-less but they stray from posting every-day photos from their life and they like to keep personal things separate. Professional. (which is okay!) Then there's the bloggers, like myself, who mix the two, have clean cut photos sometimes, but more often then not our blogs are filled with things OUTSIDE of fashion.

You'll see an outfit that I blogged about but you'll also see that I got donuts with Spencer at 1:00am just because we can. (which is also okay!) 

Finding out which type of blogger you are will be a decision you'll need to make in the beginning as it greatly determines your type of audience as well.

Who to promote towards, etc etc. 

People often assume that I just don't ever need to buy clothes anymore or that I get paid for posts. While this is possible, this isn't my end goal. I didn't become a blogger to obtain free products and don't you go becoming one either.

I understand people assume and put two and two together when I post about a product I love and include a coupon code at the bottom which results in an epic eye roll of "Who knows if this product is even good, she just wants to get paid." I will never promote a product that I personally didn't love and use. I just ain't about that. Too mean.

I understand some reviews are contracted and needed within a certain time frame but if I didn't like the product, I'm gonna tell you and I'm gonna tell you why. Simple as that. Always be honest with your viewers, they dig that. I dig that. One big happy family.

Stay true to yourself when it comes to becoming a blogger. Don't lose yourself in the hype of "free shit" and making a name for yourself. Always stay grounded, that would be my main advice for anyone wanting to delve into the blogging world.

It makes me a sad panda when girls ask me for advice and I respond to them genuinely only to find the blog they created weeks later looks identical to mine. I'm not a toddler stomping my feet on the ground like "you copied me", I'm more upset because I now have NO idea WHO YOU ARE. This doesn't show me anything about you. You follow bloggers because you like who they are, what they stand for, how they think and how they positively influence your life. If I don't know who you truly are because you're just trying to be like someone else, I get lost. I want to connect to YOU.

The blogging world is all about making a connection. Relating to people and saying what others are also trying to say but they can't find the words. So, sure I will blog about my favorite summer dress, pair of boots, etc etc. But I will also blog about living with anxiety, my relationship, my past and what I've learned from it and any other weird shit I feel would be useful to anyone reading. Find what motivates you and what you're passionate about and start from there. If you're really into makeup, dive into the YouTube world and blog about your favorite makeup products.. If you're a fashionista, create a blog, put outfits together, reach out to companies and run with it.. 

*Marketing is also an important factor when it comes to spreading the word about your blog. I feel like this entire subject will need it's own post as I'm the biggest nerd about it and I love it so much. So for that, I'll say "Coming soon... How To Market Yourself As A Blogger: Pt. 2"

Bottom line: Don't get discouraged in the beginning, I think I went a solid month with 8 viewers when I started... this isn't something that grows into an empire overnight. Keep blogging no matter who is reading and don't give up. 

This isn't a competition and I will never withhold advice on how to create a successful blog. If you're sitting there thinking "I wish I could do something like this" - Do it. 

I like who you are and I guarantee others will too.

All the best, 


Seeing Red.

You know those bright bold colors just get me. They hear me, they understand. 

There's probably nothing I love more than a solid color skater dress. I think I have one in every single color. Dress it up (like so) or dress it down with a flannel and boots. As much as I love throwing on jeans and a t-shirt, I will always feel most comfortable in a casual little dress. 

This was actually my look for Thanksgiving. I felt like Christmas the entire time. *facepalm* but no regrets.

Own it, Michelle.

Get this look:

Red Skater Dress // forever21

Gold Necklace // forever21

Black Cutout Platform Heels // jeffrey campbell

Street Rat

My poor man sacrificed his knee and elbow for this shot, so therefore I must do this post justice.  

DSC_3099 copy.jpg

I can go a little punk rock sometimes... that and I'm a sucker for plaid so I have no choice but to come off sort of grunge. Leave it up to me to wear a strapless dress when I know 75% of my readers are freezing their asses off right now. You're welcome.

DSC_3099 copy.jpg

Plaid Dress // Urban Outfitters

Thigh High Socks // Target

Combat Boots // GoJane

The white daisies in my hair are literally silk flowers that I cut from a bouquet and bobby pinned in my hair last minute.



Pastel Perfect

There's something about layering that's just so comforting. Even though this isn't a "winter" at all, because let's be honest this is southern California we're talking about... that doesn't mean layers are out of the question. I'm all for it! I surrender to layers, give me all of them, I am not worthy.

Michelle 096.jpg

I will never turn down anything that's fringe, lace or "strappy".. and this, my friends, is all three.

I think I'm in heaven. 

You'll rarely find me in super bright colors and/or flashy floral outfits, it's not really a thing for me. Same with pink, her and I don't get along so well. But when it comes to pastels and soft colors, I'm in love... tha's what I'm talkin' 'bout. 

Floral slip-dress // forever21

Bralette // urban outfitters

Knee high socks // Target

Combat boots // GoJane

White fringe kimono // topknotgoods


All Photos by: Baldwin Media Photography

It's Your Boy Spence

Hello there. I'm Michelle's boyfriend, Spencer. Nice to meet you. 

Me 005.jpg

I know, right? Not winnin' any beauty contests any time soon. I still don't understand why she likes me. But I digress.

Anyways, here's a little bit about me...

Me 008.jpg

I am a 24 year old professional photographer and musician. I play drums for a band called Moderne and work full time for an international clothing company taking web and lifestyle photos. You can see some of my work HERE. I grew up in sunny Southern California and for the majority of my adolescence I played club ice hockey 7 days a week. I am a loyal Red Wings fan and have been my whole life. Go ahead... talk your sh*t... our cup count isn't listening. ;)

I have one blood brother who is 7 years older than me and a "step" brother and sister who are both older than me. 

When I was 14 I went through rehabilitation for a severe drug addiction and have not touched the stuff since. God willing, I will celebrate 10 years of sobriety on December 7th this year. Ever since my incarceration I have done everything I can do to pay back the universe for my wrong doings and be the best person I can be.  

When I was 14 I joined my first band that would eventually be named Catalina Burning. I played guitar and as you can imagine... we were pretty awful. But we played shows for friends and family for 4 years and I loved every second of it. Shortly after that bands disbanding, I rotated through 3 or 4 bands, most notably playing drums for a very talented man by the name of Taylor Collins until I was offered the spot in Moderne last year.

Anyways, without boring you with my life's story, we will get to the stuff y'all really care about....

Me 003.jpg

I've never been much for fashion - or facial hair for that matter. But in the recent years working in the fashion industry I've had to learn trends and style pretty quickly. Before I met Michelle, I was the guy that would wear Levi's and band tees no matter the occasion. I didn't care too much about my appearance. The first time I grew my beard out it was due to sheer laziness. I'm blessed with European blood so my facial hair grows fast, thick and full with little to no effort. The length it's at now is about 3 months with a trim about a month ago. I've been able to grow a decent beard since I was 15. However, back then, facial hair was not so trendy so I was ridiculed a lot in school and social environments because of it. Which seems funny now.

Me 006.jpg

Michelle does a pretty good job of hunting down styles for me. I encourage her to buy things without asking me. I like being surprised. I get flustered in stores... mostly because I don't have a lot of money so picking one or two things out of an entire store can be daunting. But she has also opened my eyes to bargain shopping. Which I must say has been life changing. Why didn't I do this sooner?!

Anyways, she asked me to just introduce myself to you lovely readers. So here I am. The man behind the camera. I have very much enjoyed being a part of helping her with this blog so far, and I am very much looking forward to the future with her not only on the internetz, but in real life as well. 

In the future I will be featured on her blog with a beard care post, some style posts, and a few cynical rants about women's fashion. High waisted shorts aren't doing ANYONE any favors. Leave them in the 90's where they belong.

Instagram: @deejaybm

Ta-ta for now, friends.

Peacoat // Macy's

Pants // Forever21 Men's

Button Up // Forever21 Men's

Kicks // Dr. Martin

Hat // Target


My website:

My band:

No Thanks.

There's nothing that I love more than sassy passive aggressive t-shirts. They're just, so, me

I'm sure you will end up seeing 90% of mine throughout my blogging lifetime. I will gladly show them off. ;) 

A garter belt and thigh highs will always spice up an outfit, I'll never say no. It's a simple way to make an outfit pop and be different. Just have to make sure they aren't necessarily fishnet material as that tends to come off rather halloween costume/go-go dancer.

You can get thigh high socks virtually anywhere and they don't have to be tights. It's Fall and it's a great way to still wear dresses and skirts yet keep your legs warm at the same time. 

Go big or go home. 

"No Thanks" t-shirt // forever21

Burnt Orange Skater Skirt // forever21

Garter Belt & Thigh Highs // fredericks

Black High-Tops // vans

All Photos Taken by Baldwin Media Photography

Don't Be Scared. Sincerely, Velvet

I think people are afraid of crushed velvet; they think it's super fancy or impossible to match. 

I will respectfully disagree. Now please scroll down, I'll make this short and sweet.

I wouldn't let different materials like leather, velvet, and mesh frighten you. They match with more than you think they do and you don't need some edgy haircut to pull it off... or tattoos and a nose ring. I have 5 different velvet items in my closet and it doesn't need to be date night to wear them. ;) Just own it. You got this.

Striped crop top // 

Blue Double-Slit Velvet Maxi Skirt //

Statement Necklace // 

Sandals // 

All photos taken by Baldwin Media Photography