DIY Life Hack ft. Hats

First, let me just say what everyone is thinking - I'm sorry I've been so MIA lately, I am a horses ass. If you follow me on social media you'll know it's been for a good cause - the shop. Spencer and I have been working our tails off on new fun stuff and restocking items in a timely manner... making sure everything is perfect and full of tasteful profanity. You know me.

That being said, I have a quick fashion life hack that I must share with you! This has been another result of me having an oddly shaped head and refusing to give up when something doesn't fit. There's always a solution, you just have to dig around a craft store to find it. 

Exhibit A: a beautiful Brixton Messer Fedora (one of the best fedoras I've ever owned, just saying...)


Here's a little back story, I've bought Brixton hats before, did I mention how great they are? I was a size medium in my other hats and this one the reviews said it ran large, so I safely assumed that I would be a small. (Tip: Don't assume, ever) I digress. It's still, for my oddly shaped head, half an inch big and just wobbles when I put it on. I probably just don't have enough hair, but that's my own fault. I refused to let this beat me down and I couldn't return it, so I headed to the craft store for a solution. 

PSA. This isn't a crazy hard tutorial by ANY means, so don't be scared. I'm sure there are more practical ways to fix this situation but this is just my way. I figured I'd run you through the short steps anyways because well, it's easier. What I'm saying is, it's freakin' easy. 

What you need:

  • Hat 
  • 1 sheet of regular black felt (or whatever color the interior of your hat is)
  • 1 tube of super fabric glue 
  • Scissors (preferably not the ones pictured, they were horrible... mistaaake)

Step 1. Cut 2 vertical strips of felt that are relatively the same width as the inner lining of the hat. (The part that hugs your head the tightest) This doesn't have to be perfect by any means, but just around the same size.

Step 2. Run some of that super fabric glue on the pieces. Be generous but don't go overboard. Be an adult now, this isn't play time. These are expensive hats! 

Step 3. Carefully place the strips of felt on the inside of the hat. Pressing down hard and making sure it sticks. Do the same with both strips. Two should cover one layer (One on the left, one on the right) You understand.

Step 4. Wait for it to dry. It shouldn't take too long but I'd give it an hour or two, just in case. Your hat should look like so. Like, basically the same because we're sneaky fuckers.

Step 5. Your head is now being softly hugged by a glorious hat. Go live life to the fullest.

or Step 6 if needed. If your hat is still a little bit loose, you can always double up and do another layer of felt on the inside. I recommend doing one layer at a time though, just because you can't really predict how it'll fit afterwards until the glue dries and you try it on. And let's be honest, we are people who bought hats in a size that doesn't fit us. We're not so reliable at this point when it comes to assumptions. Better safe than sorry.

I've done this magic trick now on 2 Brixton fedoras I own. It's seriously amazing and it actually stays on BETTER being grasped by felt instead of the original inner lining. No offense, Brixton. But I'm so in love! I had to share this hack with you, even if all it is is gluing more fabric on the inside of a hat. I'm no innovative genius, just a determined hat lover. 

I hope you all learned something and I hope there are hats in your closet that can now love you. xo Enjoy