A New Love

Ever since we got back from Oahu we've found this new love for hiking. i'm not complaining. I've always been adventurous and I love the outdoors but something about adventuring with that man makes it 10x better than I remember it as a kid. Being creative souls I think we see it differently than most, and mostly through a camera lens. There's just so much to see in the world, why waste time? People don't explore their own cities anymore, I don't understand. As much as I'd love to fly to Europe or Iceland and explore, my bank account won't let me right now. In the meantime, until that day finally comes, I will find adventure in my own backyard. You should too.

This past weekend I had an outfit I wanted to shoot for you guys and there's a hiking trail near my house I've always wanted to walk. It's one of those places you see on the side of the road like, "Okay, we must go there soon. Look at that." We grabbed a friend of ours and headed down there. i have no regrets. 

Plan on seeing some fun photos come from this new love of ours. We already have a list going of trails we need to conquer. It makes me really excited. :)

I think the sign of a true soulmate isn’t someone you just want to do the super cool stuff with. A real soulmate is the person who makes any ordinary day fun. Some people make all these huge plans to do with their special someone, fuck that. Find someone who you can take grocery shopping and still have a blast with. Find someone who makes you look forward to waking up on Monday.
— unknown

Outfit details:

White V-Neck Tee // Target

Floral Bloomer Shorts // Forever 21

Utility Jacket // Nordstroms

All Photos By: Baldwin Media Photography