I'm Afraid I Just Blue Myself.

Probably one of the most impulsive hair dye decisions I've made in a long time, but, hey - no regrets. 

I've been getting a lot of questions on how I achieved this navy blue color and I figured the best way to explain my complete unprofessional way of getting there would be to write a blog, haha. Let me repeat, I am not a hair professional. I did this at home, at my own risk. 

This is what I started with. These photos were taken a few days before I dyed it. A mixture of Arctic Fox Hair Color (Sunset Orange + Cosmic Sunshine) for anyone who's wondering. It wasn't that old, maybe 2 weeks or so. I know I definitely could have faded it out a little longer before switching it up so drastically... but, you know when you're having a bad day and you just need a change? That's what fucking happened.  



Note: The answer is no, I did not bleach or pre-lighten my hair before I dove into the blue. I just slapped this color right over the orange just how it is in the photo.


Here's what I used and here's what happened:

Mixed in a bowl: 3/4 Arctic Mist Diluter, 1/4 Transylvania + a tiny dash of Purple Rain.

30 minutes.

It came out to a dark smokey blue/purple. Which was gorgeous, but I definitely was going for a navy blue feel. So, the next day:

Mixed in a bowl: 100% straight Arctic Fox Poseidon.

30 minutes.

And boom. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to. By some miracle. Again, you can now see why I'm not a hair professional, it's all about trial and error and I have no shame in admitting that, haha. But, for someone who's been dying their hair at home for 10+ years, I gotta say I'm super impressed by Arctic Fox. Not only does the color last and is vibrant, it doesn't dry out my hair, it smells great and it's super affordable. Kudos Arctic Fox fam.

Anyways, I definitely think when it fades I will just mix Arctic Mist, Transylvania and Poseidon. That's what I've learned. That's the magic formula I feel.


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Everyones hair is different. This is just how the stars somehow aligned in this scenario. Please know this post was NOT sponsored by Arctic Fox Hair Color. I was not paid to write this review or anything. I hope this answers everyones questions! Please feel free to comment below if you're still curious about something. Cheers!

How To Deal With Feeling Overwhelmed

Now, don't think I have the magic answer to everything right off the bat here. I'm no magician. But I do have a few tips on what helps me when I feel like my head is going to explode... It's the friggin' holiday's, I know we're all somehow on the same wavelength here.

First off, I keep wanting to apologize for being so MIA here on the blog... but I also never want to promote feeling the need to apologize for living and trying to stay sane. What a pickle. If you follow me on social media you'll know my life has been sort of hectic lately. It's safe to say I've become pretty familiar with the whole overwhelming feeling. We're buddies sometimes. Not something I'm proud of though. 

Anyways, there's a few things I've learned along the way that have helped... One of them is honestly writing this post. Therapeutic. We're in this together you know. But let's dive into it.

1. Make a list.

Oh, lists. My best friend. Daily, weekly, monthly, whatever works for you. I find that when I sit and write things down that I need to/want to accomplish, there's nothing quite like completing it and crossing that fucker off. I find you breathe a little better. No matter the task, big or small, nobody is judging you. Every task is big when you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Trust me. Tackle one thing at a time and I swear to god you'll feel so accomplished. 

2. Take A Hot Bath (or shower).

Nope, not sponsored by Lush. (I fucking wish) For some reason, their bath bombs leave me feeling drunk and I get out of the bath so relaxed I collapse. Total Bambi legs. Giving yourself 20 minutes to sit and relax is sometimes all it takes. Especially when I've lost something... I'll never find it if I'm throwing couch cushions in the air and freaking out... I'll sit and think and retrace my steps. Same goes for when I'm feeling so stressed out... I just need a second to clear my head, create a plan, A LIST haha. Everyone has their own outlet, it doesn't have to be baths but fuck it. If you don't have an outlet, feel free to adopt it.

Here are my top 3 favorite bath bombs right now. All super relaxing and calming.

1. Big Blue - Lush 

2. Butter Ball - Lush

3. Lord Of Misrule - Lush

3. Put On A Calm Record. 

James Taylor. Jason Mraz. The Paper Kites. I know it seems simple. And you'd be right; it is. I turn on my essential oil diffuser (read more about that here) and throw on some calming tunes. I usually will power clean the entire house as well, if my mind is a wreck. I have an entire Spotify playlist literally called "Relax" and I'll put it on if I'm driving or at home... or if I'm feeling like I just wanna dropkick a baby. (It's just a saying, put down your pitchforks)

You're more than welcome to adopt my playlist, too. I sincerely hope it helps. 

finally, 4. Give Yourself A Fucking Break.

You are one person. Breathe. Find the silver lining. I swear it's there. It's always there.

I'm gonna keep his post short and sweet. Just spilling out my thoughts, like usual. If anything, this post is just as much for me as it is for you guys. I also know the simple fact that not feeling alone is so important. It's true, you're not alone. We all get overwhelmed no matter how "together" we may come off. Like I always say, we're all just fucking wingin' it. Tackle one thing at a time, as it comes. I guess I'm just here to remind you that you are absolutely more than capable. I personally believe certain shit is thrown at us because it knows we can handle it. A test, maybe, but it's something passable. At least this is what I tell myself. And you know what, I always somehow make it through. Ten bucks says you do too. 

Also, one more thing, don't be afraid to reach out and talk to someone close to you. Even if it's just to vent about shit. I know I always feel better after hearing an outside opinion on any situation that intimidates the hell out of me. Not asking for help doesn't make you brave. I'm always here if you need to talk to someone. Add me to your list. I'm a good listener. 

I hope you all have a ridiculously stress free holiday season. xo I love you guys, see you on the other side in 2017. I'm so excited for what's to come.

Blogger Life: Social Media Marketing pt. 2

This is where the fun stuff is. 

Going along with what I mentioned in pt. 1, knowing your audience and who you want to reach out to is important when marketing yourself. For obvious reasons. 

Put yourself first though, don't try and fit and conform to what you think will get you more followers, stay true to yourself. Sure I like posting outfits, random good-makeup days but I also like to post photos when I'm out adventuring. Spice it up and make it personal every once in awhile. I have no shame connecting with my followers on that raw level. I'm human too. 

Different social media platforms have very different rules when it comes to marketing yourself. 

Instagram: Hashtags do nothing, unless you're hosting a giveaway or promoting a company who asks you to use certain tags, I rarely use them at all. This is just what I've found to be true over time. Also, posting too many photos a day can be excessive, you don't want to clutter up your follower's feed. Keep them wanting more and make each post something different. Post what you love and whatever you want, just don't go overboard and piss everyone off, haha. Also, stay active with your followers, comment every once in awhile and like photos you like. If I only post one photo in a day that doesn't mean I wasn't online multiple times. Make yourself known and spread love. Everyone loves to be loved. 

TumblrHashtags are your friend. I find myself making sure every photo/text I personally post is tagged with at least SOMETHING. I use hashtags when searching tumblr so naturally, others do too. There's no way you'd see me caught dead doing #girlswithtattoos on Instagram, but Tumblr it's a must. (Although THIS is how my photos get stolen and end up on Buzzfeed, but... what can you do, it's the internet) Also, contrary to Instagram rules, posting a lot is a good thing. You can either set up a queue which is what I used to do, but now I just find myself browsing and posting whenever I get a free moment during work or at night. That way, when you see me posting a lot at once, you'll know I'm currently on my computer or phone and it's an opportune time to shoot me a message if you want a prompt response. Also, same goes with making yourself known. Comment on peoples posts, be active and have conversations with followers. Spread love. #themoreyouknow

Twitter: Hashtags are also your friend, although I don't use them as much. I tend to tweet quotes I love and/or random shit that happens during my day. It's my go-to outlet for thoughts that pop into my head and I need to write them down before I forget them. I don't really have a filter when it comes to Twitter. I also find that linking Instagram photos to Twitter when you post them is a little annoying... if there's a photo you want me to see on Twitter, upload it, don't make me click a link. Maybe this is just me being me, I like to keep those two platforms separate. Sue me, haha. Sometimes I do this anyways when I'm promoting something, but mostly I try to avoid it.

YouTubeI just recently dove into the world of youtube and it's hard. I told myself in the beginning that I wouldn't make a youtube account. I'm not a makeup artist or hairstylist so naive me didn't really see the point. I kept getting messages asking me to start making videos until I finally gave in. It started off rough, I think my first video was literally filmed on my iPhone. But I slowly upgraded the more I got into it and I think it really has helped me grow.  People like to SEE you and what you sound like and how you speak. As creepy as that sounds, it's true. I'm glad I started it halfway through my blogger lifespan though, I will admit that. This isn't something you HAVE to do as a blogger, but it does help.

Facebook: I actually don't really like Facebook these days. I use it 99% to repost funny videos and repost links when I publish these blogs. As far as promoting myself goes, I don't really use Facebook as a main outlet. It's mostly personal and I very rarely accept friend requests from followers. I do know bloggers that have a fan page, which is totally fine, I just feel like it's not something I personally would want to keep up with. Personal preferences. 

When I first started this blog, I told myself "I'm gonna do 3 posts a week, monday wednesday friday." Well fuck, that was ambitious. I kept up with that cycle for about 2-3 weeks surprisingly until it became too much. Especially while having a life and a full time job, I learned quickly not to set that bar too high for myself and just go at my own pace. I will admit it was good in the beginning to have a good handful of posts published so that it wasn't totally barren for awhile. It was good to have a lot of material for people to read while I was still writing newer entries. So I can't say it was a total mistake. 

Right now I think I'm down to 2-3 posts a month, which works for me. Everyone is different. I'm sure if I didn't have such a busy life or maybe could afford to have a part time job I would blog a hell of a lot more often, but alas, California and their damn living expenses will be the death of me. I have to work. 

Don't feel pressured to post a lot or often. Do what works best for you and the steady subscribers will still follow you. If anyone expects you to shell out top notch blogs several times a week... they fucking crazy. Just relax, breathe and write. 

Make sure you have fun with the process of creating your "brand" and putting yourself out there. Know that not everybody will like you and that's okay. You're here to express yourself, not to be a people pleaser. Don't take anyone's shit and just focus on doing what makes you happy.

This all has been a huge learning experience for me and I don't regret the journey along the way. I'm still growing every single day and I like it that way. That rhymed. If this is something you want to get into, I encourage you to dive in. I'm all for girls helping girls. We're all in this together. 

All the best and good luck,


P.S. I don't say this enough but I love you guys and I really appreciate all the love and support I've received since day one. Our love is the real thing, baby.