The Best Pair Of Jeans, Ever.

This post is way overdue but it is necessary. I came across these jeans months ago and since then have purchased 5 more pairs. When I am in love with something, I buy one in every color, that's just what I do, that's how I roll. I never know where they might go so I have to snag them up before they disappear. 

Luckily for you, they haven't disappeared yet. I found these in the most unlikely of stores... American Eagle. I know, right? I mean, perhaps these stores are more prominent in other states, but here in Southern California there's literally only one left that I know of. I remember wanting to work there when I was in junior high because they all had super cool head sets. Dream big. But anyways, a friend of mine wrote a post about how amazing their jeggings were. Now... I've always been skeptical about jeggings, they are usually so-so quality and more often than not their pockets are fake. I HATE fake pockets.

I happened to be in the one mall within a 100 mile radius of my house that had an American Eagle... and decided to give them a whirl. Tried them on. Holy shit. 

These jeans or technically "jeggings" are as durable as regular jeans but as comfortable as jeggings. The most perfect combination AND they have real pockets! Halle-fucking-lujah.

Me having child bearing hips went straight to the high waisted, picked up 2 that day. I'm not even kidding you, within a few weeks I had ordered 3 more pairs in different styles and had literally thrown out all of my other skinny jeans. I had no use for them anymore. They are pretty damn true to size and stretchy. I did fucking lunges in these things.

I'm gonna keep this post short and sweet. For a size reference, I'm usually a 5 or a 27 in jeans and I'm 5'5"... and I wear a 6 Regular. Aaaand now you all know what size I am. Not that I'm embarrassed but I mean, if you ever want to buy me pants, you now can't use that excuse. ;) 

This post was not sponsored by American Eagle, I do not work with them I just love wearing their jeans.. jeggings.. I hate calling them that... blaaaahGo pick up a pair, I swear to god you will not be disappointed. You can quote me on that. You're welcome.