What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To?

One of my most frequently asked questions is "what kind of music do you listen to?" Now, to be honest with you, I mega-loathe this question. I'm a big fan of music, don't get me wrong, but I have never had a simple answer to it. I avoid it at all costs. I would sometimes just chalk it up to, "I don't know, a little bit of everything except EDM I guess.

I'll throw some songs in my posts on here every once in awhile and you can usually tell what I'm diggin' if you watch my videos on YouTube, but that's about it. I never know how to answer, it's so frustrating! Which brings me to this post, my ultimate answer to this seemingly popular question. My. Music. Choices.

35mm film: Baldwin Media Photography

35mm film: Baldwin Media Photography

What I've done for you, readers, Spotify users, is I threw together a playlist of basically all of my current favorite tunes + tons of nostalgia and any song I feel defines me as the weird little human I am. Some remind me of certain memories, times, and people in my life. It's basically me in a playlist.

Creating this was surprisingly therapeutic. I recommend you do it yourself. Right after I created it, I hit shuffle in my car while I drove to Spencer's and never changed a song once. I stopped and was like, "...Shit, this is the fucking greatest mix of all time!" Hahaha. 

If you have Spotify (if not, download it, it's free). Please enjoy some of my tunes. I hope you learn about a new artist while doing so. Jam out to what I jam out to. That was a really fun sentence to say. Anyways, I hope this soothes your drive home from the office or gives you something to dance to.

If you have any music suggestions that you think I'd like, comment them below. I'll never say no to checking out new artists. :)

I know it's Monday but I hope you kick it straight in the balls,

xo Girrlscout