TGIF ft. Pebby Forevee

So, I stumbled upon this adorable company in the beginning of my blogging journey. Pebby Forevee was one of the first brands I collaborated with so I guess you could say... we're long time lovers. oh baby oh baby. You all know how I feel about making a statement when it comes to tees. I don't need to dive into that again, you see it everywhere. You know the drill. 

Her designs are not only sassy but they are cute, funny and #accurate. yes, i just hashtagged in a sentence. The fact that they are all customizable AND unisex made me want them even more!

Off the shoulder, regular crew neck, tank top, you name it. I needed to have them and so did Spencer. Ladies, your men will wear these tees. He wears his almost weekly. He can vouch.

*picks up jaw* Sorry, it still blows my mind that I'm dating such an attractive man. Woosh.


Anyways, I feel like every few weeks she comes out with a new design and I need to have it in my closet. I think small businesses like this make the world go round and I'm so blessed to be collaborating with such a sweetheart. 

Since Pebby Forevee & I love you all so much, here's 10% off of your next purchase on their site!

Use my code: Girrlscout

Pebby, Thank you for helping my man and I say what we need to say and look damn good while doing it. Don't ever stop creating fun shit for us wildlings to sport. 

Love, a definite returning customer & friend.