Cabin Fever.

Breathe in that mountain air.

I grew up my entire life having a cabin up in Big Bear... it's my home away from home. The past two years we haven't had one... and I feel a bit empty. But Spencer and I took a day trip over the weekend because it needs to feel like winter, damnit! Thanks a lot California. It was so crisp and so heavenly. We didn't want to leave.

Sometimes color block outfits are best. When you're in a place as pretty as Big Bear, you can't clutter yourself with patterns and polka dots. It's all about being a 'warm ball of cuddles' as I say. That's what I strive to be. Spencer knows. ;) 

I'm definitely a mountain girl. Give me immaculate views and hikes all the way to the top, please. I vow to forever make my house as cozy and cabin-y as possible because I just love that feel. 

Get this same outfit:

jacket // nordstroms

knit long sleeve top // forever 21

dark blue skinny jeggings // forever 21

floral tennies // vans

hourglass knit beanie // moderneband store  

reader glasses // amazon


Photos by: Baldwin Media Photography