Girl Are Those Your Real Lashes?

I know what you're thinking, and I thought the same thing when I heard about these things: Such a waste of money, they don't do anything, it doesn't make any sense. I was that girl, so don't feel alone. I remember working at a beauty supply store when I was 20 years old hearing all these cosmetologists talking up a storm about eyelash extensions. *dun dun dun* I didn't understand the hype nor did I understand paying that much money for lashes when I could spend $3.85 at Target and put them on myself for the night. No hassle. Amirite?

You're eye-rolling me, I know it.

I gave in, ladies.. and I'm really glad that I did. When I was faced with a work trip to Germany this past month and I was the only girl out of 8 dudes, I needed to make my "getting ready" time as minimal as possible. Boys wait for no one, especially when you're not dating them. So, I gave it a shot, threw down some money and said "what the heck".

And then I met Amanda, my eyelash guru.

The process of getting these babies on takes around 2 hours. Painless. Once you get them in, they're in. Just have to take care of them.

Things you must remember if you're getting lash extensions:

  • Brush them when they get wet (Don't worry, they aren't going anywhere) but they just stick together when they are wet, just brush them and make them pretty. 
  • Try your best not to sleep on your face, all you face-sleepers. These things can take a beating but don't press your luck. 
  • If you wear mascara (I'm not sure why you would) make sure you don't use waterproof mascara. It's not good for the lashes. But I'm telling you... you won't need mascara. I threw mine away.
  • I always pat my face dry whenever I get out of the shower, so make sure you do the same with your lashes. Don't rub your eyes with your towel - Play nice!

But ever since I've gotten my extensions, I haven't worn mascara once. I don't wear eyeshadow and very rarely eyeliner - I don't feel like I even need it. I even get out of the shower and feel pretty. I don't have to worry about my mascara running in the shower or getting out of a swimming pool looking like Gene Simmons. I can barely feel them, they aren't heavy or in my way. 

I know there are people who overcharge for these suckers, but you also want to stray from something that might seem 'too good to be true'. There's a reason they are a little pricey, trust me. You just have to find someone with the right prices. These are Amanda's:

  • Full Set - $150
  • Fillings - $50

Note: Amanda is located in Aliso Viejo, CA for all of you local readers, I HIGHLY recommend you go to her and I'm not saying that because I'm biased and I love her dogs. I promise. But anything around her price range is 100% worth it. She's made me do a 180 from how I felt about them years ago and I'm afraid I might be addicted. It's all her fault.

If you want to book an appointment with her >> CLICK HERE.

Before & After Full Set

Before & After Full Set

Stay beautiful, my gems.