Romp Around.

It's been way too long since I covered some fashion on here and I decided to make a comeback with one of my favorite things: Rompers. Let's be honest guys, they are gods gift. Glorified pajamas (some of them). I can't get enough. 

Even though I struggle with long torso syndrome, I still find a way to make them work and find the right ones for my shape. It's a science. I studied. I also love the fact that they cut outfit deciding time in HALF. One thing, boom. Pick out shoes. You're done, uh'bye. 

I know I've written a post about rompers before, way back in 2014.. and my opinion still stands. There are ways to wear and enjoy rompers whilst having a longer torso. Easy. Just find rompers that are either 1) not elastic at the waist or 2) halter or have adjustable straps.

The elastic waist is tricky, especially for people like me who have child bearing hips. It's usually a no-no and I gravitate towards rompers that are one width, (like pictured above) that way you don't have anything riding up while you're walking, virtually turning your outfit into a thong by the time you've taken your 3rd step. Whenever I see one width rompers like these... I pounce. They are so comfortable. 

Outfit Details:

At Ease Ribbed Romper by Tobi

Cusco High Top Kicks by Inkkas 

Crossbody Bag by Irene's Story (here's one that's similar)

Another alternative is a halter/off the shoulder or adjustable straps, cutout backs, etc etc. If you find something that has a separate bottom piece all it's own, that's good, that way you're able to adjust the length of the back. Girls like me with a booty know what's up.

This particular romper was such an awesome exception and like I mentioned before, cut outs are your friend. They allow extra length and the back was open, thus giving me room to adjust. I hope you're writing this all down because if you have the same problems as I do, this will save a life. Unfortunately there's the one disadvantage that comes with sporting a romper... I love them, but every bathroom trip turns into an episode of Naked and Afraid. There's no way around it. Sorry guys.

I know I wrote about this subject two years ago but I feel the need to highlight on it again because I keep stumbling upon amazing rompers that are not only affordable but great quality. I found both of these at and the best part is if you sign up for their mailing list, you immediately get 50% off your entire first purchase. Uh. Yes please. (please note: this does not give me any sort of commission, I just like sharing good shit with you guys.)

And this, is, good, shit. 

Outfit details:

With You Off Shoulder Romper by Tobi

Black Ankle Boots by (here's some that are similar)

Black Messer Fedora by Brixton

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Underneath It All (not the No Doubt song)

I've been wanting to write this blog post for awhile now because it was a constant struggle for me and I've recently figured out the best solution for it. Listen up.

You know when you're out shopping, especially this time of year, when those glorious little white sundresses come out to play. I'm a sucker for baby doll dresses in white, paired with sandals or ankle books Ahhhhhhh! It's definitely a thing of mine. But my biggest struggle was trying it on and going "Yep, you can see RIGHT through this." and I never buy them. Unless you wear a bathing suit underneath and head to the beach or the pool, everyone's gonna see your Tuesday knickers and that nude bra you try so hard to camouflage into your skin. But it doesn't work, it's there, and I feel it ruins the dress. I found the best solution that will literally work for everyone... not even kidding. 

Now... I've purchased slips, nude mini skirts and dress slips (which do work!) but when you have a booty like mine, it just rides up when I walk and then everyone gets a free show by the end of the sidewalk. I was constantly pulling it down and adjusting myself that it wasn't worth it anymore. 

And then I found these babies on Forever 21...

Now here's the best part about these rompers... they are $6.90 EACH. CHYEAH.

They were listed under the shapewear section, but I don't believe they are thick enough material to be compared to something like Spanx where you can't breath but look bangin'. It held me in and slimmed me out a bit, but I wouldn't rely on this for full shapewear, just my two cents. BUT, they did make it possible for me to stock up on white dresses, and I even bought the black one to wear under black lace. Until now I've been wearing shorts and a tank top under my lace dresses and now it's so easy. Ugh, life saved.

There is one con though, I have to admit. God only knows I want to rip my hair out when I have to go to the restroom with these on, especially under a dress. That's the only downside. I stand there and go, "Shit.." and I basically have to either get my straps off underneath the dress or strip down entirely. It's a process, but beauty is pain.

I will be dehydrated but god damnit I'll look cute doing it! 


In Tunic With The Times Dress - Ivory: Tobi

category: casual dresses //

Nude Romper: Forever 21

category: shapewear

Leather Harness: DIY 

Photos by: Baldwin Media Photography

Rompers and The Struggle (not a Children's book)

Now, while being 5'5'' isn't really a "struggle" in itself... having an extra long torso is. Some ladies I know will agree with me on this subject and 90% of rompers and pantsuits are virtually impossible. It's up your ass all day and you better not think about sitting down... because it's not happening. But I've found the key goals in shopping for rompers/pantsuits when you have my problem.

  1. Stick to rompers/pantsuits that have no elastic waist. These tend to ride up easier and pull. If you're like me and have baby-makin' hips and a tiny waist then elastic around your waist does not help. I just said waist way too many times for my liking. 
  2. It helps greatly if you have adjustable straps. That way you can lengthen the romper as much as you can if necessary. Halter tops are even better!
  3. I usually buy clothing in size small (except jeans, because let's be honest here) but rompers I always choose one size up, they tend to be longer when made - or so I've noticed. So I always order a medium, no matter what. Fun Fact.
  4. Despite what you may think, strapless rompers don't necessary mean you're home-free. They are actually mostly shorter in length and whenever I have high hopes and try them on, the bust is always basically at my belly button. Nope. But you may find a gem every once in awhile, but I would never purchase one without trying it on first. Just my advice.

Secret to deep V's and keeping your lovelies inside: Fashion Tape. You can find it virtually anywhere. Target, Walmart, Forever21, etc etc. It saves my life and it could save yours too. Help save a life, call 1-800... haha, had to. I started to feel like Sarah Mclachlan over here. *shivers

There's always ways to wiggle around outfits that aren't technically made for your body type, you just have to search a little harder for them. They're out there! Sometimes I see rompers and I wonder where the heck the torso is because - it's not there. Who's shaped like that?!

Everyone is shaped differently and we figure out what works best. Individually. I like it that way. Unique. I have friends that can rock the hell out of pointed flats or heels but when I try them on, I feel like the wicked witch of the west. Nope. But hey, more power to them! 

Confidence and being secure in your style has a big impact on how you can rock an outfit.

Embrace your uniqueness and roll with it. 

Outfit details:

All photos taken by my love, Baldwin Media Photography