I'm Afraid I Just Blue Myself.

Probably one of the most impulsive hair dye decisions I've made in a long time, but, hey - no regrets. 

I've been getting a lot of questions on how I achieved this navy blue color and I figured the best way to explain my complete unprofessional way of getting there would be to write a blog, haha. Let me repeat, I am not a hair professional. I did this at home, at my own risk. 

This is what I started with. These photos were taken a few days before I dyed it. A mixture of Arctic Fox Hair Color (Sunset Orange + Cosmic Sunshine) for anyone who's wondering. It wasn't that old, maybe 2 weeks or so. I know I definitely could have faded it out a little longer before switching it up so drastically... but, you know when you're having a bad day and you just need a change? That's what fucking happened.  



Note: The answer is no, I did not bleach or pre-lighten my hair before I dove into the blue. I just slapped this color right over the orange just how it is in the photo.


Here's what I used and here's what happened:

Mixed in a bowl: 3/4 Arctic Mist Diluter, 1/4 Transylvania + a tiny dash of Purple Rain.

30 minutes.

It came out to a dark smokey blue/purple. Which was gorgeous, but I definitely was going for a navy blue feel. So, the next day:

Mixed in a bowl: 100% straight Arctic Fox Poseidon.

30 minutes.

And boom. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to. By some miracle. Again, you can now see why I'm not a hair professional, it's all about trial and error and I have no shame in admitting that, haha. But, for someone who's been dying their hair at home for 10+ years, I gotta say I'm super impressed by Arctic Fox. Not only does the color last and is vibrant, it doesn't dry out my hair, it smells great and it's super affordable. Kudos Arctic Fox fam.

Anyways, I definitely think when it fades I will just mix Arctic Mist, Transylvania and Poseidon. That's what I've learned. That's the magic formula I feel.


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Everyones hair is different. This is just how the stars somehow aligned in this scenario. Please know this post was NOT sponsored by Arctic Fox Hair Color. I was not paid to write this review or anything. I hope this answers everyones questions! Please feel free to comment below if you're still curious about something. Cheers!

Growing Out My Hair (& What Helps!)

Let me start off by assuring you, this isn't goodbye forever for the undercut. I constantly get questions asking what I would do when/if I ever wanted to grow out my undercut. I've tried a few times in the past, made it about a month before I couldn't take it and buzzed it again. I'm not fucking lying, it's hard. But, after I took out my tape in extensions in November (which I only had in for 2 months...) and it left my hair shorter and much much thinner, I felt the need to at least try again. Go hard and document it.

It's now February and I'm still going strong. Well, kinda strong. I figured I could sit down and write this post talking about all the things that help my hair grow but also talk about things that help my sanity during this process. I know a lot of you are in the same boat as me and I really love that. Makes me feel a lot less alone in this and I hope you feel the same.  So put the clippers down, I believe in you.

First off, I'm not here to tell you not to cut your hair. I'm not here to tell you to grow it out either. It's your choice, your hair, your life. Do what makes you happy! This is just something I sorta want to prove to myself, something I want to experience and sort of log for you guys. 

I know "tips on how to grow your hair faster" is all over the internet. I am guilty of googling it multiple times. While most of those sites are correct, I figured... why not add my blog to the list of tips. that felt really weird to say. list of tips.... 

The Beginning.

Let's begin. End of November 2016 (around Thanksgiving). Two months ago, this is what my hair looked like...

Photo by Baldwin Media

Photo by Baldwin Media

Pretty much the same as it's always been, buzzed all the way around at a guard #3 and my top was about down to my nose. Really thin and really sad. (Stupid extensions...) My poor hair.

One thing I always said to myself was that whenever I decided to grow out my sides is that I'd just part it down the middle or a little to the left and easily hide it. That has definitely wrung true because putting it up in a pony tail or a bun is freakishly laughable at this point. It's a 24/7 bed head disaster under there! Stock up on thickening products and learn how to tease your roots and you're gonna be just fine, trust me. I think finding the right in-between style during this process is so fucking key. You have to find a way to be content with every stage, even if that stage requires wearing a hat for a few weeks. Hey, fuck, we've all done it.


Quick story time. I looked into different hair growth vitamins for awhile when starting this process and I started off with something I was recommended called Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrients + I grabbed a bottle of regular Biotin tablets. *shrug* I had no idea what I was doing but I went with it. Within less than a week my chest was breaking out really badly, which is pretty unusual for me. I sat and thought... I'd rather grow hair at a snails pace than deal with this shit... so I stopped. Threw them away. And wudda'ya know? My skin cleared up. Ok, so fuck that idea. Everyone's body is different. It's all about what works for you. So don't get discouraged if you find yourself in the same situation. Keep going. 

I still wanted to take SOMETHING. I had read about SugarBearHair vitamins all over social media. Sponsored by everyone and their mother who's "Instagram famous". I figured, well, they are obviously sponsored posts so who knows if they actually fucking work. I researched a bit, read some articles on people who felt the same way I did and tried them out for real. They were all pleasantly surprised in the results and the ingredients seemed much more mild than the ones I was taking before that screwed me up. Fuck it, I grabbed one month just to see what happens...

Please note: I fully understand that it takes a lot longer than a month's worth of vitamins to see if it makes an actual difference to my hair - but I figured, if it didn't break out my skin, I'm already winning and I might as well keep truckin' on with it.

Before the month was over... I was hooked. Not only did they not break out my skin AT ALL but I noticed a difference in my hair growth. I was not expecting that. Also doesn't hurt that they pretty much taste like candy heaven. 



After one month (see above difference) I splurged and got a 3 month pack which I'm currently still taking. I'll be all out by April so I can update you guys on my progress then. They are on the pricey side, but I honestly do see a difference or else I wouldn't have used my Christmas money to get more. Just being honest. 

*I feel the need to mention that- no, this post is not sponsored by SugarBearHair and they did not send me these for free. I purchased them with my own money. $$

Hair Care.

Now that vitamins are all set... let's talk hair care products. These are my top 3 personal must haves.

1. Not Your Mother's Way To Grow Shampoo.

Let me start off by saying this whole brand surprised me. I've used their beach wave styling spray in the past and I hated it so much I wrote the whole brand off in my head. But when I asked you guys on twitter what the best shampoo was for growing out your hair, this was recommended by at least 80% of you. And I have to say, I stand corrected, I'm a fan now. This stuff is great and it smells fucking awesome.

2. Not Your Mother's Thickening Conditioner. 

I found myself loving this conditioner better than the Way To Grow one, maybe because I'm also looking for volume. By combining some sort of shampoo conditioner cocktail I felt more productive somehow. Maybe I'm weird... but it works great. My cocktail skills have been good to me. 

3. Not Your Mother's Intensive Hair Unit Treatment.

Holy shit, this stuff. I use it once or twice a week on my ends and my hair feels like god damn silk afterwards. When I styled my hair for this grow out phase, I did a mini ombre so my ends were a little angry with me. This helped SO much and brought them back to life. I also am obsessed with how affordable this entire brand is. Everything was under $10. 

*again, this is NOT sponsored by Not Your Mother's either, haha. 

I also highly suggest investing in some wooden hair brushes. They are the best for your hair. While I'm no expert, this is what I've learned. Natural wood helps naturally condition your hair while being the most gentle and durable (less likely to break your hair). They also produce zero static!  

Current Stage.

And here we are, February 2017. Still struggling (I'm only human) but I'm definitely starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel because shit is actually happening. I feel like within the first month most see zero progress and therefore you grab your clippers and say "fuck it". That's what I did at least 3-4 times in the past few years. Don't lieeeee you've done it too. It's okay.

Above is a little over 2 months of growth. Not fucking bad, right? I still trim the bottom of my hair on my neck because that mullet is REEAL. I have a baby bob right now so keeping it all at the same length all the way around is important. I do my best to stay away from heat tools but it's difficult. I just do my best to use GOOD heat tools and spray a protectant beforehand. (*important) There's also a lot of scalp massaging that happens as well. Stimulation! I've heard a few essential oils are great for this, but I haven't tried yet. I'll definitely look more into that.

What really helps me mentally is the thought that when I'm done growing it out to the length I want, I can ALWAYS go back to my undercut but this time, I can cut it exactly how I want. Does that make sense? Being able to start from scratch is really comforting. You can always cut your hair again. Just like if you get a bad haircut, hair grows back, it's going to be okay. It may sound cheesy but it helps me. Remember, the first month is the hardest. You barely see any progress and if there is any, it's annoying. But I can assure you, after that it gets easier. You see your hair growing and you style AROUND it. 

I'm excited to document more of this process for you guys. I'm sure I will find more ways that help along the way but this is what I know so far that has made a difference. I hope this was helpful, literally and mentally, for those who are also on this journey with me! May we be strong in this endeavor! We got this. I believe in us. 

How To Style An Undercut: 5 Simple Ways

I've finally had time to sit down and let you in on the undercut secrets. Seems to be quite a popular topic, I had no idea it would blow up so fast! But, none the less, I'm glad to give you the low down on what is 'the undercut'. Or I suppose, my version of it...

I talked about it a little bit in my Q&A video I posted a bit ago, which also includes a 360 degree shot of my haircut if you're interested

Let's go back in time. I originally did not mean to have the hairstyle I have now. I decided to chop my hair off on a drive home from Vegas in August 2013. I'm very random most of the time (ok, all of the time) and I get bored with my hair so easily, I needed to switch it up and I needed to light a fire under my ass. I had shoulder length hair with an ombre very much like the one I have now..  but I was just, bored.

So I did it.

Photo by: Baldwin Media Photography

Photo by: Baldwin Media Photography

Here's a screenshot of the back of my hair, since I get asked that frequently.

I kept the same cut/style for about a year (almost 2 years now), but changing up the color very very frequently. I think I literally went from brunette, to white blonde, to violet, to brunette with a green ombre all in the period of 3-4 months. I'm insane. this is the main reason why my hair didn't grow that fast during that time period.

I get questions all the time on how I dyed my hair the way it is currently and I can't help but giggle because the whole thing was an accident. I still had green in my ends and it faded into a very unpleasant color as you could imagine... I wanted to get rid of it, as I had hopes to add some pastel pink instead. when does my madness end?? So we quickly bleach-washed my ends for, I kid you not, 1 minute. If that. It came out so quickly and turned into this perfect golden blonde color that we refused to cover it. I thought to myself, eh I've had crazy colored hair for awhile now, maybe having a natural-ish color will be cool.

And it looked like she tamed the beast. It's been 10 months and I haven't had dye touch my hair since.... well, since last week. ;) 

I get asked a lot about how I style my hair, what products I use and what are some different things to do when it comes to styling... I think I have about 5 solid different ways I do my hair. Depending on the outfit, my mood, if I'm going out or going to the gym. It doesn't matter. 

We'll start with the lazy but playful styles. A top knot & pig bunz. as I like to call them.

I strictly use those clear rubber bands when i put my hair up, but mainly because it's so easily hidden. I just don't go around it a lot of times that way it doesn't damage the hair as much. You can find them literally anywhere. Target, Walmart, whatever. This is also a great alternative for when my hair is a greaseball and I don't want it in my face. I'm sure everyone can relate to this problem. 

Next, there's the plain.. straight.. hair. 

Which is fine, it's best for when Spencer wants to play with it when we're lying in bed watching Parks and Rec. ;) No tangles, just silk. I don't mind it, but I'm a queen of volume so sometimes it's rare. Or at least lately it is. But if I always want volume I will use a dry shampoo or tease my roots for a little unff. 

Whenever it's straight and I'm going out, I can always slick it back or pin up one of the sides. Instant glam feel, I think. 

This has become much more comfortable over time since my hair has grown quite a bit. When it was shorter I couldn't do this style without loading my head full of hairspray, it wasn't pleasant. 

But if you want an edgy look, with a LBD for a night out, this is a good call. It grabs attention and your hair isn't in your face all night. Win/win!


Lately I've been wearing my hair like this a lot... The wavey/curly volume-ess way.

It's actually really simple and I don't even own a curling iron. Flat irons have always been nicer to me when it comes to curling. Besides, my hair takes curl very very easily, which is a blessing and a curse. I have to be gentle and every piece I curl I comb out with my fingers immediately so I don't end up looking like Shirley Temple. 

It's just so bouncy and I love it, it's my favorite at the moment. As I'm sure if you follow me on Instagram you would know. ;) 


As far as styling products go, I mainly just use one.. Enjoy Shaping Lotion. It's my knight in shining armor. I've tried everything under the sun to give my hair texture but it always ended up making it gunky feeling and stiff by the end of the day. This lotion keeps my hair super soft yet super flexible, all day, even for over 24 hours. cause sometimes i'm dirty like that. I put this stuff in my hair before I blow dry and after I style it for the best effect, I think.

I also will use a Argan oil on my ends when they're looking sad and dry. I think every brand in the world has one, it shouldn't be hard to find. I get mine from Target. 


I'm slowly getting into doing videos for you guys, so I'm sure I'll make hairstyling tutorials in the future. There's not much to my hair and I like it that way. Simplicity with a shock factor. ;) 

Black t-shirt dress // Target

Harness Belt // DIY 

Sunnies // Forever 21

I hope this helped all you ladies with a similar cut. If you have any questions, you know where to find me. 

Pastel Perfect

There's something about layering that's just so comforting. Even though this isn't a "winter" at all, because let's be honest this is southern California we're talking about... that doesn't mean layers are out of the question. I'm all for it! I surrender to layers, give me all of them, I am not worthy.

Michelle 096.jpg

I will never turn down anything that's fringe, lace or "strappy".. and this, my friends, is all three.

I think I'm in heaven. 

You'll rarely find me in super bright colors and/or flashy floral outfits, it's not really a thing for me. Same with pink, her and I don't get along so well. But when it comes to pastels and soft colors, I'm in love... tha's what I'm talkin' 'bout. 

Floral slip-dress // forever21

Bralette // urban outfitters

Knee high socks // Target

Combat boots // GoJane

White fringe kimono // topknotgoods


All Photos by: Baldwin Media Photography