All About That Affordable Valentine's Day

I'm not really all about the Valentine's Day "holiday". I've also never really had a 'successful' one, whatever that means.. except for 2010 when I bought my car... that was my gift to me from me. All of the other times were blah or nothing was done to make it special. I don't really expect much anymore; I wouldn't categorize myself as high maintenance or prissy where I expect fancy jewelry or really anything at all. expensive jewelry makes me nervous, too much pressure around my neck, buy me a hefty burrito or a steak instead. 

This is the first year where it feels different. in a good way. It's also very rare when a guy gives a flying fuck about Valentine's Day and making it something. Spencer wants to do something so, I'm leaving it up to him because he knows I'm cool with whatever.. just spending time together is good enough for me. sorry, that was cheesy. but what I do know is I'ma look damn cute for whatever it is. Any excuse to dress up is alright with me.

I'm completely notorious for online bargain shopping.. I will fill up my shopping carts to the brim and weed stuff out over time in order to get the most bang for my buck. So when it comes to holiday's or whatever, I try my best to keep the outfit spending to a minimum and leave more room for gifts/food/things that are more important. 

Being into fashion, it tends to be difficult doing this BUT I finagled my way around the internet this year to come up with a pretty adorable Valentine's Day outfit for under $60.00, if that doesn't make your heart race, pffffffft you're on the wrong blog honey.

Here's my final outfit purchase. I'll list some other cute affordable dresses underneath. Just for funzies. 




Red T-shirt dress, $12.90

Forever 21





Faux Leather Charm Choker, $7.90

Forever 21





Lace-Up Peep-Toe Booties, $32.90

Forever 21


Outfit total = $55.00 aka the biggest steal, ever.

i also may have a forever 21 problem. no shame.

For those of you needing some clothing ideas, I thought I'd give you a helpful hand. Here are some cute dresses under $50 that could literally be worn for any occasion and i would totally purchase. Dresses are allowed to be worn more than once, think big picture, people.





Heart Cut-out Dress, $40.00 >>











<< Sandy Dress, On Sale Right Now, $34.00











Ladies Night Tank Dress, $48.00 >>


These are just 3 of my favorites. Some good dress stores that are reasonably priced are...

P.S. If you're looking for the best gift for you and your significant other, my favorite "Love You, Fuck Me" pillowcases (& all of the others) from Said The King are 14% off until Feb 15th. Hurry!


With your purchase you'll also receive a personalized valentine from Spence and I. :) 

I hope I helped a bit for those of you who were struggling to find something cute, simple and affordable for this love-filled, overly-hyped "holiday". 

On behalf of Spence and I, we're sending you all our love ... Thank you so much for following me and my completely unorganized crazy life. You're all saints. I appreciate every single one of you. *single tear rolls down cheek