Instagram Q&A

I've been getting the constant request to do a video for some time now. While I'd consider myself an outgoing and loud personality, when you slap a camera in front of me - I freeze up. I'm not a YouTube personality by any means and I applaud the girls that are and do it well, it's hard, I'd have to have a few drinks first to become comfortable. Just being honest. All of my videos would be me having a cocktail or a beer in my hand and I'm not sure I'd be giving off the right impression, hahaha. But, being that I'm dating an extremely talented videographer I figured 'why not please the people' and at least TRY to make this something. 

I reached out to my Instagram followers a little over a week ago to submit questions they wanted me to answer for them. To my surprise, I got an overwhelming response! blushing big time over here, thank you guys. So I picked a few of my favorites and spent a Sunday morning on my couch with some cinnamon tea and hashed it out for you. I'm sure it's much easier to talk into a camera with nobody else in the room, as it's much easier to take selfies when nobody is watching as well.. but I did my best. 

Spencer sat behind the camera and I used him as a comfort crutch the entire time. There's some jokes, laughter, and crying involved in my 8 minute film debut.. as well as my constant resting bitch face. solid, michelle. aces. I'm a big dork. But hey, I like it, it's 100% me and it's 100% real. 

Thank you to my love for making it look so pretty and so polished, you have a serious talent and I am lucky to have you in my life. 

I hope you all enjoy.